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    To sweeten our server maintenance time, we decided to post a little riddle on server maintenance days.
    The riddle will be published on the day of the server maintenance
    between 08:00 CET and 09:00 CET and you have until 13:00 CET am to solve this.

    Find the solution and send it via e-mail to
    5 players will be chosen per server. Each of them will receive a non-tradable blessing scroll as a reward.

    You have to be aware of this to have a winning chance
    - your account is not blocked
    - You found the right solution? Then you have to send it via mail to []
    - The mail must be sent on the same day of the server maintenance (only to 13:00 CET)
    - The subject of the mail has to be "maintenance + servername"

    The content of the message must be:
    character name

    Should somebody be drawn who does not meet these criteria, we will draw once again until we have 5 winners per server.
    If there aren't enough correct submissions for a server, there will be…
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    Dear Community,

    It’s time to join forces and explore the world together – we’re merging the servers and bringing Metin2’s players even closer. Meet new allies and discover fresh rivals!

    The server merge takes place on 15/11/2018.
    Servers Universalis and Elvedin are being merged together.

    Please note: We have completely optimised the server merge process, making it faster and easier than before. After the merge maintenance, you can decide for yourself when you want to proceed with your merge. As soon as you log in the first time, you’ll automatically be placed in the queue to be merged. It may take a couple of hours for the process to finish, depending on the amount of player traffic.

    Of course, this has resulted in a number of fundamental changes. Please read the FAQ in advance to prepare yourself properly for the merge. The most important details are summarised below:

    [*] Characters: No characters will be deleted. All the characters belonging to an account will be transferred.…

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The new merge of 15.11.2018






Gameforge and Webzen playing with players effort and money?????





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    Posted the thread For FMS.

    Hy . Offer 1kkk . probably you wanted to reply instead of creating a nnew topic closed skilganon
  • Mytza -

    Replied to the thread The new merge of 15.11.2018.

    in my opinion this merger is in vain, why? some people came after elvedin 5-6 if a ticket is placed on another community i would be the first to leave this community at first i thought it was different but it is the same as the rest and i do not…
  • Nemesi -

    Replied to the thread WTB PVP STUFF and GENERAL ITEMS.

    Quote from Nemesi: “WTB - SHOES LVL 29,55 OR QUILIN SHOES WITH HP+DAGGER+CLAWS - MAGIC PLATE+9 WITH HP+DAGGER+CLAWS+ARROW (OR SIMILAR WITH AT LEAST HP+2max defence) - Ghost fang blade 10HH - Lycan armour lvl 70/81 with hp and double abs HP and MP -
  • Testreg -

    Liked Shanez’s post in the thread The new merge of 15.11.2018.

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    What i still don't get after 11 years of Metin2 is why people still cry so much about the changes. Let me spit it out for everyone who feels addressed to by that: Stop wasting your precious energy on whining about things in life that you cannot influence…
  • skilgannon -

    Replied to the thread Gameforge and Webzen playing with players effort and money?????.

    so many conspiracy theorists arround Pet was designed initially with 16 berserker, and yes, there was a video from vossi before the update that showed 16, this was changed and pet was released with the normal berserker and was like that for a long
  • stefanc -

    Posted the thread GN/SB/IH/EE+9.

    Buy the items that I meantioned above. (Medium good, reasonable prices, GN preferably with HP) :thanks2:
  • Mytza -

    Replied to the thread Gameforge and Webzen playing with players effort and money?????.

    R.I.P metin2 2007-2012 B.9.I - Spam (advertisements and meaningless posts) is not allowed. This means messages that don't contribute to the topic, messages containing less than five words or messages containing nothing but smilies. Spam can also include
  • Penetration -

    Replied to the thread Gameforge and Webzen playing with players effort and money?????.

    Thats pure scam
  • cifoks -

    Replied to the thread Gameforge and Webzen playing with players effort and money?????.

    They knew it was showing the wrong stats since a few months when i was watching a stream on twtich of a guy from german server named Vossi he was testing those azrael and executor pets it was also showing 16% berserker at the end he got info from…