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    Dear players,

    We’re starting 2019 with a bang, celebrating both Metin2’s 12th anniversary and the release of the first update of the year!

    Here’s what you can look forward to from 22nd January:

    12 Years of Metin2 – Anniversary and Boss Reaper Event from 24th January
    The kingdoms are decked out ready for the celebrations, but monsters have nicked all the colourful flags! Hunt them down and retrieve the Party Flags. Exchange them for a slice of birthday cake from the NPC Cherie and benefit from a 100% EXP bonus for 30 minutes. Had your fill of cake? Cherie will give you an Anniversary Coin up to 7 times per day for your Party Flags. These can be used to buy loads of useful items from the Anniversary Merchant!

    We’re also launching an anniversary special of our popular Boss Reaper Event. Hunt down the Shadow Warrior, earn hits and use this chance to pick up a Bronze, Silver or Golden Decimus Chest which may contain valuable Anniversary Coins.

    Free Bonsai in the Shop
    Pick up your…
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    Dear players,

    we are aware that the introduction of Mythic Alchemy has earned us a lot of criticism and sparked a highly controversial discussion when it was first announced as being part of patch 18.4. Your constructive feedback has been highly appreciated and as a result we decided not to implement the new system right away and took some time to reconsider.

    While Mythic Dragon Stone Alchemy will be part of today’s update 19.0 it comes with the option to change the inherent bonuses of Mythic Dragon Stones. This will also add new relevance to pre-existing PVM content.

    Bonuses can be rerolled by simply visiting the Alchemist and choosing the option “Mythic Dragon Stone bonus change”. Please note that It will only be possible to change bonuses for Dragon Stones of the Mythic class and that newly-added items called Flame of the Dragon will be required and consumed in the process. The number of required Flames of the Dragon for performing a bonus change rises with the clarity
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    Dear players!

    Start: 22.01.2019 00:00

    Azrael Pet returns to the shop on a permanent basis in following versions:
    Baby AzraelAzrael Pet 7d 99
    Baby AzraelAzrael Pet 30d + 10pcs Shrunken Head 299

    Here is more pet-related information, since it's not a standard pet
    • +15% physical damage
    • +1500 HP
    • From 2nd floors of Devil's Catacomb and Demon Tower
    • Usage duration starts upon purchase of the item

    your metin2 team

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