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    Hello guys!

    I hope is not a wrong place to write this but I want to let you all know about a huge scam. There on google play is a Metin2Mobile app and is a fake! The guy behind of the app is a Romanian guy which try to steal the e-mail and password. When you try to make an account you have to to some steps to have the acces to play and there you must to fill up some of your personal information, please DONT DO IT! He steal my e-mail address and there I have acces to a lot of my accounts on the hole internet.


    Take care!


    I have a Baashido pet and is lvl 22 but the duration expire today, I read on the wiki that I have to feed the pet with Protein Snacks to increase the duration, but I don't know why, he don't eat Protein Snacks :))

    I press Feed button and the game doesn't leave me tot take the protein snack to that panel for feed is blocked like you put an item in the shop and the item is blocked in inventory, you can not put it again in shop...

    Please help!

    I don't know really much items what is a "need" now, but I am relly agree with Dan, there out are too expensive prices.

    I can help you anyway with some exemple's :

    snake tail+ this one I think is the most searched upp in the last 2 weeks I think

    spider web same

    Hello guys!

    I am a player which start now 10 years ago to play Metin2 and I still love it very much. I am a lot of time away from home and I would like to play some Metin2 on my phone.

    Why you don't try to invest to do a Metin2 App which can work on Android and IOS? I think it will be played by a lot of players, you can try to make a connection between pc game and app, we can have maybe same accounts on app, but anyway this is not a "need", but I think this is a good idea. I am still searching on Google Play a lot of games to play when I am away or when I have free time at work, but honestly, there are a lot of really bad and no sense apps, I would really like to play it even on my smartphone.

    Take care!

    Hello Guys!

    I want to farm, but not metin stones, I dont want them now, I am lvl 36 almost 37 and I want to farm uppgrade items, where I can fight and farm to drop expensive uppgrade items?

    I was thinking to esoterics, map 2 for gems, do you know any better ideas?

    Thank you!

    Hello guys!

    I want to ask you more details about Mining. I was trying to read much books of Mining Guide and I saw that after a lot of them, my succes rate was the same.

    Now, in what I have to invest, to increase the mining and make it much better? Pickaxe or Mining Guide Books?

    I want to earn better yang from mining.

    Thank you!

    Hello my man!

    Curse Book without + is a bit expensive, between 1.5kk and 2kk but Curse Book with + is much cheaper, you can try to sell them with 300k-500k each but even with this is gonna be hard to sell them