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    I do agree that having to constantly insert values manually can be a bit burdensome (especially for splitting items since the split window has the default value of 1 which most often than not has to be modified).

    Regarding the game remembering your previous entries it doesn't sound much like a good fix. Maybe allowing to type "k" when setting prices will add three zeroes automatically.

    And as far as sorting and managing the inventory goes, I think they could borrow some ideas from Minecraft in terms of simplistic, yet sophisticated inputs.

    But, as always, we can keep on dreaming...

    Not a bad idea. It'd be nice to see people fish there together while their ranks are decreasing. Back in the day we'd take the whole guild on fishing trips at the oasis in the Desert.

    However, try experimenting with Sage King's Glove and Autohunt. You'll lose those -5k in no time. At lvl 75, for instance, you can for the Ghost Trees at the beginning of Ghost Woods. You'll lose 1 point per kill, sometimes even two. Might be worth switching to the ones in Red Woods at higher levels, though.

    If you're talking about the lack of Guild Alchemists, here's a recent quote one of our most valued GAs: "[...] on all previous merges it took several months for the guild lands to be available again."

    "[...] as the game will show more inclusiveness for the player and might attract more people to play, and if the so-called "homophobic" people will leave, there will be more space to play for our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters (and all in between), and for our LGBTQ+ allies."

    This level of parasitism reminds me of 2014.
    Das a yikes from me, fam

    For boomers such as myself it would be really useful if instead of a small button attached to the minimap, we'd get a quest marker over the mailbox whenever there's unread mail within. It'd make the in-game mail system far more reliable as a means of offline communication.

    Common mining courtesy has it that everyone banishes their horse whilst mining.

    But I do agree, horses might need an AI rework. Maybe we can also get them not to get in our way when fighting dismounted as well as maybe getting to lvl them up past 21? Although, I doubt they'll bother themselves with them, as mounts are more commonly used at this point...

    While you're at it with that ticket. Feel free to add this thing as well. Taken on 19/02/2020 at 21:11 CET. The support team will ask for the date and time, so make sure to provide it for your screenshot as well


    The publication of player/staff names on screenshots and videos for the purpose of implying a player/staff member has broken Ingame-Rules is forbidden. Publication includes posting links to screenshots or Videos held externally from the forum. The only exception is the publication by staff members, for the purpose of investigation or notifications. (e.g. Ban lists.)

    Warning for a minor offense issued


    A lot of people have attempted to kill them and spawn camp them afterwards, but they generally take no damage or teleport away. Other than reporting them as soon as we see them, there isn't much to do. Same can be said about the DM yang sellers. They generally advertise the same Discord username in the same message. I'm not sure if anyone has ever bothered reporting that account to the Discord support team either.

    These people generally use VPNs as well, so IP banning them doesn't always work either. Other than reporting them, the only thing we can do is not engage so that they eventually lose interest and move on.