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    What?? People are still getting banned?

    STOP THAT -content removed- CHEATBLOCKER ALREADY NOWWWW:cursing:

    Im still amazed it is still running till now with all what happened already wtfff

    We wont rest and wont shut up untill we get our rights back and also I demand an apology for each and every wrongfully banned player one by one .




    The use of profanity/profane directed towards users/Staff or used in any other nature will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to avoiding the filter with leet speaking (1337, l33t)

    for me, I dont use anything u mentioned. I dont even know what are those. I dont even use any other software. And im 100% sure of it.

    We are saying this from the beginning of the thread.

    that what I exactly said in the first place. For sure the majority of those who got banned if not all are wrongfully banned and not using any external software. And I think ur wasting ur time by asking what the software they detected, because they dont knw. All they know is their holy cheatblocker detected something and they think its a hacking software. It is possible that u are not using any software at all and still they detect something due to a malfunction in their cheatblocker.

    Because of the seriousness of the issue, I demand an immediate response from the game by deactivating that cheatblocker temporarily while they working on it or replacing it with another one thats actually working.

    this is a serious issue that should be addressed quickly. Cant continue like that. Something should be done before the next wave happens.

    dear all,

    as u can see, there is a high number of players who got recently banned from the game and mostly for 4 days as they claim there have been usage of external software.

    well i am one of those players, and seeing that most banned players if not all of them being totally surprised and claiming they did nothing which i can totally relate to as myself i never open any other software besides the game, even google search i rarely use on the laptop (mostly on cellphone). the only thing i used is netflix to watch some episodes but that was several months ago while also the game was closed. then how ur useless cheatblocker detected something? is this some kind of a joke? some players claimed they used CS GO and think that was the reason they got banned but i can tell this is not the issue and u can also get banned without using absolutely nothing.

    Now first of all and this is addressed to the game admins, how can u be so sure about that useless cheatblocker where there is a huge number of players claiming they used nothing? are all of them lying right? and when u see the disscussion board on discord and read all the pissed players talking about their ban for a whole day or so , are they lying and acting too right? usually a hacker or rule breacher hide in the corner and say nothing. so i hope that deep inside u have at least 1% doubt about that cheatblocker and at least check it up better than having 100% trust in it. Dont u ask urselves what if we banned some players wrongfully ? for no reason at all. Also, i use everyday 6 different accounts too and only my main account got banned? why is that? why cheatblocker detected something on this and not that account? dont u ask urselves those questions too?

    We are in 2021 and how such things still exist lol? how can a game ban their players because a stupid program told them so and that is not working properly 100%? xDDD

    are u still convinced that ur cheatblocker is working perfectly and all of us players are hackers and we are lying to u about using nothing?

    Second, ok what happened has happened, now i got 4 days ban ok even though my pet will die and has around 250 days age, but later, if for no reason again, ur stupid cheatblocker detect something it will a permanent ban. and there is literally nothing i can do to prevent it lol because there is no external software in the first place. it can even happen even when i never log in my account. So literally i can do nothing about it. and that should be a concern to ALL THE PLAYERS whether they received a ban or not because u can never know when it will happen cuz we are all at risk, all of us. so my question is: should all the players get scared after each maintenance? and lets say we try to login after the maintenance and when we see the term: "successfully logging in" we should all jump with tears of joy because we arent banned? how can we continue playing like this? if we are all at risk? how can we enjoy playing anymore? why should we bother farming now if all the hard work will go to waste at the end?

    can u imagine playing clean for several years and one day, u get a message: sry u are permenantly banned and wrongfully accused of using cheats and alllll ur hard work across the years will go to waste? No, i cant even imagine that.

    Sry but we all need actions from u that this will not happen in the future. we need a guarantee that we will not get banned for no reason or at least half the players will stop playing this game.

    while u are busy making events and updates, try solve the main issues first lol and all the annoying bugs that are making this game barely playable. there are few days between logging issues and having shops dc, i found that making a shop successfully was harder than making hydra run solo.

    ps: i hope this message will reach the higher ups in this game, CEO, president, king, queen whatever u call them, that actually have an idea about whats happening and not some GAs or GMs that know nothing about it and all they do is copy paste the same replies to all those who sent tickets.

    wtb sura monster armor (any+) with 1.5k-2k hp, 15 fire, 30-50 av, also if possible some abs hp wont be bad

    Another one same but with 15 wind instead of fire

    Thank you