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    thats acculy not true cuz if you used your box lets say till lvl 40 you louse that first 4 boxes big loss there

    What are you on mate ?
    If you've played on Telhamhill, there won't be any kind of transfer. No box no nothing.
    You only get rewards if you're ranked. The only options available would be start over in Universalis and claim the reward.

    If you start over in Universalis, you'll get the level boxes. You have to level up again and make your gear all over again. So, the only loss would be your time spent farming in Telhamhill if you didn't even participated in the PvP event. No transfers and ain't getting no rewards too.

    There are 3 channels now. Used to be 6.
    You can change channel, you can go free on them, ask someone to kill or move somewhere else..

    et cetera et cetera.

    Auto-hunting are one of the games features and literally nothing you can do.
    Unless they harassed you, maybe something can be done which most likely nothing too.

    They can put the auto-hunting features completely premium but people won't be happy with it.

    So, deal with it and S it up.

    Have you tried search function in this forum ?
    Someone already complained & suggested the same stuff you baby-mumbled about and
    probably already forwarded it to Webzen long time ago. You think they're going to entertain another "threat or rants" similar to it ?

    You're already aware that Webzen developed the game and just like any other publisher, Gameforge only involved in translating the patch, participate in bug testing before the patch goes live or something and not actually have the capability to fully tweak the patch. I do understand that it is frustrating but I'd suggest you to offer a more "productive" suggestion to post than just a mere rants.


    Open Gameforge client > Login your Gameforge account(If you don't have any, go register).
    Select Metin2 > Add account > Enter your metin2 username & password.

    If you don't remember your username & password, just go ahead "add account" and select "I forgot my password" option.

    Please note that your metin account will be binded to your Gameforge account ! There's no option to remove/unlink metin account from your Gameforge account for now.

    and i just to make sure this guild is on NEW SERVER right ?


    This guild is only recruiting in Universalis.
    If you're talking about new server "TelhamHill", that server only up to accommodate current PvP event. Please do note, there will be no character or item transfer of any kind once the event ended. I hope you didn't start there without knowing this.

    Don't you read or you're just too lazy ? We're not trying to stop you from leveling.
    As for items, they already stated what you need. I even bold it for you in my comments.

    We're just sharing some tips for the most efficient ways to farm/kill metin. If you want to kill lv45 metin stones, you can just go now with your gears since you don't mind struggling with higher level metin. Anyway good luck!

    P/s: Don't see my comment as hostile, I'm just responding with the same manners you did. :)

    My question is: Is that necessary? Do I need Armour+9 and Leather Boots +9 to be able to destroy lv45 Metin's? Maybe to do it in one go, but I don't think if I kill every group after they come I'll have much problems.

    And for now I don't really think is worth to be stuck in one lv... What I can farm today I can farm at 45 or 52, or even more... I think I should only be stuck in a lv when I can read 3 books...

    You have to deal with arrows and poison. Judging by your gears, you'll spend 3x more times killing a metin lv45 and bunch of deaths. Unlike in map2, you can't destroy lv45 metin in "one-go" without good gears.

    Progressing to lv45 or 52 won't be ideal as you only have 100kk+ which won't be sufficient. You don't want to stuck at lv45 and 52 without being able to farm ! (common newbie mistakes). So, browse market for a leather boot and golden neck with HP, that shield need an upgrade as well and also get a decent avg FMS. Stay lv35 for now and keep farming until you can afford a decent gears which not necessarily has to be a +9. Since you already level 30, don't forget to farm shards for alchemy. You can easily sell fooder antique for 50kk-100kk.

    Then why bother playing at PvP server at all ? Whatever amount you've spent, that's on you.
    There are people who doesn't spend any dime and still able to sit in top 10 ranks.

    Also there are people who've spent hundred of euros and thinks it's worth it.
    Most of people playing this server merely for rewards and PvP experiences, eventho the options to transfer characters would be nice.

    That should be the last thing anyone would've care :)


    I just want to ask when can we start transferring the chars that we made on Temp Comet?
    Because 01.28. has passed and nothing happened. I can not find where can i transfer my characters.

    Have a nice day to all:)

    If you queue up your char(s) for transfer directly on 31.01.2019 this
    means they will be available on the target server after the maintenance
    on 07.02.2019.

    You will be able to queue up chars for transfer until 28.02.2019 ~10:00.
    After this no further chars can be queued up for transfer.

    Either get over the content or get over the game.

    True. You cope with it or simply just leave.
    If you think any of the superiors gonna come up to you and beg you not to leave,
    well they won't. You leaving won't change a thing. So, you can either keep playing and adapt to it or
    move on with something else better to your liking. The metin2 scene in DE TR or AE way BIGGER compared to UK.
    Some people liked the changes and some people don't. Pick your poison.

    @SuZyLiNg actualy i should have joined at 16 of january... like it was scheduel, most people stop playing at Comet, full time because of the "extended time" it doesn't seem right and fair, why now i have to start over, because of 10 days or so... server closes at 31, and we will have to wait 1 week to play at Uni... so we lose a oportunity unless we start over (again) since few months ago we started at comet lol.

    What's the point ?? You can't bring anything in your inventories from Comet. Only equipped items.
    You can make some dummies for flags farming in Uni and claim the rewards.
    Btw, same ID can be used and logged in at the same time both in Comet and Universalis.
    So...good luck.

    I don't see how it is a problem at all.
    The resistances update already been done and we adapted to it.
    The new myth alchemy merely a "boost" which optional.

    At least they come up with;

    Bonuses can be rerolled by simply visiting the Alchemist and choosing the option “Mythic Dragon Stone bonus change”. Please note that It will only be possible to change bonuses for Dragon Stones of the Mythic class and that newly-added items called Flame of the Dragon will be required and consumed in the process. The number of required Flames of the Dragon for performing a bonus change rises with the clarity level of Mythic Dragon Stones.

    and this;

    After the maintenance all Legendary Dragon stones will be unequipped. This is done to prevent Legendary Stones from being destroyed by removing them manually so that you do not have to be concered about taking any risks if you want to further upgrade your Stones.

    Also flames of the dragon are not limited to item-shop only. :gamer: