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    You need to wait util guild lands will be open again and guild alchemists appear - then refined ores will appear again too.

    And btw after last merge it took them months to get the guild lands up again so don't get your hopes up :D

    After few seconds name dissapear and u arr able to pick it

    If you would read carefully you might notice that is exactly his point - the name diapers and anyone can pick it up that's how he lost it.
    And I agree that it is a stupid system and I for a second there I wondered what on earth were the devs thinking when they added this and whats even the point of that but then I remembered they aren't capable of thinking :stick:

    For lycan you must max int first and then dex and only then vit. and you need to use int push later because int gives a huge attack boost.
    And ninja is a pvp class and very challenging in pvm, same with shamans, they are pvp and support class.

    The powermounts in the itemshop work the same way as normal powermounts (you can drop those from metins/bosses for 2hours a day) but there are alos other kinds of mounts aviable in the IS. The mover mounts have their duration in real time (7days if not upgraded, need horse lv11 or 21 to do that) however the rest of the mounts are all in riding time and most of them can be used from lv1 or from lv20 and can be used to attack. Riding time means the timer goes down only while you ride it. Some of these are also tradeable so you can buy from other players if you have the yangs.

    Str for lycan gives exactly 0 attack value. Only adds to skill damage. For normal hits nothing.
    Here is some test I did a few weeks ago about that to prove to a friend who mains a lycan and didn't believe me that str doesn't affect normal hits :D

    And about pierce - I never really bothered to check/test that myself that extensively because I always have had low def and just didn't care about that stat :D I prefer to max out dmg instead :P
    They can't hurt you if they are dead was my logic in this game.pasted-from-clipboard.png

    Preety much what Ex0 said over there except a few things:
    1) Crimson for lycan does not decrease def anymore that "feature" has been removed quite a while ago

    2) Body warrior is the glass cannon instead of lycan because of berserk. Berserk increases the damage you receive and at G and P that can hurt a lot (most people leave it G1 or even m10 because of that, as P is pointless cuz u can get max attack/moving speed easy enough with G1)

    3) Metnal warrior is more of a pvp class than a pvm one. Sure def helps at low lvls but nowadays its all about resistance not def and def can be found in other places easy enough if you need it.

    4) Def does not increase piercing hit damage. Pierce will always do the same damage. Pierce will ignore def. For example you have 500attack value, enemy has 300def so your normal hit will be 200 and a pierce will ignore the def and make. If the enemy has 450def you will hit 50normal hits but pierce will still be 500.
    The wrong impression of how pierce comes from how people look at the numbers. Lets use the same ones from previews example: normal hit is 200 and pierce is 500 so i get 300extra from pierce, 2nd case normal damage is 50 and I get 450 more because of pierce. Then those people think that 450 > 300 so high def = high pierce (wrong!)
    5) About damage - you implied that a sura does same damage as a lycan and that's wrong. Sura is the weakest (dmg wise) of the 3 main pvm classes (body/lycan/weaponary) however because of the skills its almost immortal :D Body warrior and lycan with similar eq and proper stats will do very similar damage and with full IS push and boosts and maxed everything i think lycan can get more damage. Below lv105 for sure, after lv105 warrior might be able to get more with a zodiac glaive. But in the free to play way they are really close.
    6) about lycan - it's quite bad on foot with normal hits aka the kind you use in pvm :D on mount it is awesome tho, so if you plan to fight on ground a lot then warrior is better


    for a beginner who wants pvm a wep sura is the way to go - books aren't the cheapest but aren't super expensive either. You are tanky and its easy to lvl and kill things even with bad eq, there are a lot of suras so eq is easy to find.

    1) It's 5 not 3 every day

    2) you can do it on multiple chars so if you make 4x more farmer chars on your main account that's 25 cors (you can put in keeper and use on main)
    3) you can make it on multiple accounts, make it to antique and then trade to main to upgrade further.

    4) lv110+ chars can make 8 per day - 5x normal ones and 3 more in the lv110 maps (shards+)

    5) you can always just buy more alchemy :cheesydunno:

    IS glove (real time) is 200% and form metins (gamepaly time) is 100% and there is 7day (gameplay time) one form lv50 and 60 apprentice boxes (and maybe others, not sure) which gives 50% more and all 3 of them do work together so max is 350% without event stuff. Now there is 50% drop event so can get 400% and there are a few more ingame items from event that can get u a few more %