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    Uhm,this doesn't seem right either, since it's a lvl 96 weapon ^^

    But i think what this thread is about is that it doesn't really make much sense on which shard is needed for some items. Obviously the system shows the correct shard for most items, but a few exceptions are visible.

    I'd advise everyone to check which shard is needed before you buy the shards, instead of trusting blindly on what the description says.
    But I'd still like to ask the Metin2 team to provide clearer information on some shards, atm it's not very clear for some items that different shards are needed. Mainly speaking of items that develop in lvl limit too every time they are upgraded successfully.

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm afraid i know very little of such problems ?(:ninja:
    Hope it gets fixed soon though ! Meanwhile i'll ask around if anyone knows

    Chunjo/Yellow of course ^^
    Jinno might be more crowded and Chunjo might seem empty, but the people here are friendly and helpful ;)

    I'm posting it as a complaint ;) This is simply stupendous and outrageous, you can't expect players to have a 100% good connection at all times, and even if they do, game itself sometimes kicks people for no reason. I am very very very curious why they didn't implement the same system as in zodiac runs; group leader gone? --> new person becomes leader

    And they should allow people to ente the run again, it's not that hard, they copy the runs almost 1-1 identically, but they leave out one of the most important aspects -.-:missilelauncher::huh2::huh2::huh2::banghead::pillepalle::grumble:


    Why on earth would you (GameForge/Webzen) implement a system which ruins the fun for people when someone crashes?

    The following happened:

    We were in Redux Jotun (the new 110 run). We were almost done, we had killed the 4th healer spawn and Jotun needed a few more hits, when suddenly our group leader got kicked from the game. As a result of that, a message popped up stating that the group leader wasn't online and that therefore the run had ended and we would be teleported outside in a few seconds (which happened).
    Can you imagine how frikkin annoying that is to players who've just spent 45-55 minutes trying to complete the run, and then suddenly you can't proceed anymore because someone got crashed? Why on earth haven't you implemented the same system like in zodiac runs, that when the leader gets kicked, someone else automatically becomes the leader????????????????????????????

    For real, this is something that needs to be dealt with, or you'll end up with more triggered players than just us.

    The runs are fun and challenging, but the system that when you get kicked is ''tough luck, bb, your problem not ours, cya never again, gg for wasting your redux tome key and gg for wasting your time making that key''. Who comes up with that shizzle????? :missilelauncher:
    Allow players to enter the run again when they got kicked, otherwise there's no point in even doing those runs, because the system can't handle it anyway.

    We lost time, resources and fun to play because of such a foolish system.
    Just implement the same system like with normal razador/nemere etc, that you have a time window of 5 minutes or smt to enter again. And implement the zodiac system that if the leader gets kicked, someone else takes over that role automatically.

    No point in entering this run anymore until this is fixed (it's annoying having to wait more than 24 hours to get a frikkin key for this and then see all that hard work end in nothing good) --> no point in wasting Dragon coins on a run that just spits in your face :missilelauncher:

    Hey, did you do it with max Element defense or with ocean shoes?

    I went for skill resist ^^ I tried out the runs with 114% wind resist first, but I still died like a fly xD
    With skill resist it seemed as if the dmg was lower, but haven't done any proper testing yet, just go in and yoloooo!

    Used blessing of life indeed ;)

    My tipp for nemere run is max Blocking max hp absorbing and a shaman with blessing
    Also go fishing for them 10%Ice fish.

    Alrighty! ty !
    How was nemere dmg-wise? I mean: Do you reckon 1 body warrior can deal enough dmg to kill nemere solo? or is more dmg needed (assuming you stay alive)?

    Ah and i tried to craft the shaman armour, failed... Used the 40% redux.

    Does anyone know where we can upgrade the redux stones? (40% into 50%) I have the 40% stones and elixirs, but can't find a way to turn them into 50% ones.

    Time for an update on our progress here:

    Defeated the redux jotun solo today, no shaman buffer, just me (116 body warrior) ^^
    It's quite doable with the right gear set and some blessings!

    Jotun drops some nice stuff needed to craft the armours/weapons/helmets. (will let you know how that went soon xD )

    We have also succeeded the beran run in a group of 4, 3 warriors and 1 shami, was also quite easy lol.

    Haven't tried nemere yet. Any tips for us on what we need, before we go in and get utterly crushed xD ?

    thanks in advance ^^

    nice video and gg! ^^

    was this the time rift run or the redux one?

    So far I'm excited about the new content! It's challenging and basically impossible to solo it, which avoids greedy players haha. It's good to see a run that needs good teamwork!

    I've tried the redux raza run so far. We did it with 2 body warriors lvl 115, no buffs. It was quite challenging haha, but we managed to get to razador and got his health down by 75%, but the last 25% was hard lol. Even with 108% fire resistance and 30 HP absorb I died a lot.

    The drop rate of materials is quite good though, so the runs are still worth it even if you fail to defeat the boss.

    Also tried the time rift grotto and the time rift enchanted forest, didn't try the bosses there but just had a peak how hard the mobs hit. In comparison to the normal runs, a lot harder haha. Weapons suras should have an easier time here xD

    Going to try the redux beran run tonight.

    Overall, fun and challenging runs, good drop rate and definitely worth trying out!

    Well their time is fit for rank 9, maybe it just displayed wrong before or smt, idk honestly. Probably best to ask the staff xD Or just try another run and beat them again and see what happens (beat them with another party, so not the exact same members).
    ps. Come to UK server ! We'd love to have more Dutchies around in Chunjo, quite a few here already ;)

    Woah man
    1.Dutch is no german... a few words are even and dutch people can understand alot of germans but no german can understand dutch!
    2. Coffe not even reached 60+ so your high level runs of guild means nothing first.
    3. I was yellow man 1~3 shops on a day and even if u got 1 big guild there and a few other active players chunjo maybe survived but is not in a good condition for low levels or newcomer who need abuse call chat and market alot for buy and selling there stuff fast.
    4. My message was clearly for coffe so why u take it as an offense?

    I can't resist to respond to this hihi:
    1. I never said Dutch is the same as German. What I DID say was that there are Dutch guys in the guild who speak German, that includes being able to write properly in German, so Germans can understand it. Idk where you got the knowledge from that they can't be understood. :o It is a fact that many Dutch people are perfectly capable of speaking German fluently (yes we have to adapt to the big countries and learn their languages to put ourselves on the map!)

    2. Who says that we only do high lvl runs? We do plenty of meley runs in which everyone can join, lvl 1 or lvl 120, doesn't matter. So Coffee is very welcome to join those runs and get a chest too, which helps him/her grow in the game more quickly ^^
    Ps. we also do catacomb runs or DT runs if people need those. We're happy to help out anyone, whether they're lvl 1 or 120 ^^

    3. Shops do not represent the activity of a kingdom. In fact, it might show the opposite of what you're saying. There's tons of activity going on in other maps, farming, leveling, boss hunting, guild events, shopping. There's no need to hang around in map 1, we'd like to be productive ! :D
    As for the marketing thingy. Yes it's easy to be in jinno because you don't have to walk, but tons of people have a shopper in jinno, so just use that. There's no need to be a (real) member of the Jinno kingdom to be able to use those shops or the call function. + we're selling stuff cheaper to guild members and we're helping each other find gear, so that speeds it up pretty much. ;)

    4. I'm not offended, I am merely here correcting false statements. For too long players have claimed that Chunjo or the server is dead, while the opposite is true. There is tons of activity going on in Chunjo, but our guild activities aren't visible for the entire server ^^
    And Chunjo will remain to be an active kingdom till every single active person is gone there, which will never happen ^^

    Sooo, back to you Coffee! We'd love to help you out in our guild and kingdom. If you're looking for fun and entertainment and good progress, we'd be happy to take you in ^^
    We also use discord to communicate, the link will be given once you're actually in the guild ;)
    + we use the famous guild chat in-game as well of course xD

    Nonsense lol, in fact, Chunjo probably has the biggest and most active guild on the whole server xD Not to mention that we do all the runs possible and also PvP, haven't seen many jinno guilds do all the runs frequently xD

    Chunjo is very much alive, anyone claiming otherwise clearly hasn't been there ^^
    + we've got lots of Dutch players who can speak german too if that's what you're looking for! ^^

    There is absolutely no content in this game that REQUIRES you to spend real money. EVERYTHING in this game is accessable for F2P players, the only thing that's different is that it takes (much) more time for them to achieve it.

    Spending real money on this game provides the following:
    - You speed up your progress (a lot)
    - You keep the server running

    So in what way are you actually missing out on stuff and feeling forced to pay?
    If you want to be a F2P player, you can expect progress to come at a much slower pace compared to P2W players. However, everyone has access to all items from item shop. You can farm and grind, make money that way, spend that money on vouchers (oh hey, another thing provided by P2W players! ) and use those vouchers to buy the necessary (or at least you think they are necessary) items. Vouchers have opened up item shop to literally everyone, so stop crying that item shop content isn't available for F2P players.

    You make a choice, you spend money on a game and you'll have a much easier time, or you don't spend money on a game, and you will have to work harder. Welcome to the real world and the gaming world. If that doesn't appeal to you, then maybe these games aren't for you.

    + this game isn't dead, anyone that believes it is, please just leave instead of just spreading negativity throughout the server. Dead = no players who are willing to play anymore, and as long as there's at least one player who still finds it fun and entertaining to play on this server, the game will never die unless the developers pull out the plug.
    So next time you are about to say that this server is dead, please formulate it in the appropriate way, that YOU THINK THIS SERVER IS DEAD, not stating it as a fact which can demotivate players to play.

    Even though Skil is using profanity himself against players here on the forum, and forcing his opinion down our throats (or at least that's what it feels like), there's no need to turn this into personal vendetta's, let's get back on topic and possibly come up with a nice solution to make PvP more appealing again on our server, for example by holding some nice and easy and interesting events.

    If the metin2UK team doesn't want to do such events, which definitely looks like it based on Skil's attitude towards it (but ofc he's only one member of a bigger team) I wouldn't mind organising a few events myself or with others for the entire server to see if people are interested in PvP stuff. Hek, i'd even give out rewards if that's what makes it alive, if that's allowed.

    If there's enough interest in something like that, share your thoughts, and maybe we can pull something off if the community works together when GMs won't help us out. Kingdom wars like they used to be might be out of reach, but surely other events can be done, be it by staff members or by players themselves.