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    New series on how to make a full moon sword with above 40 average, if you have nothing to do on this sunday evening maybe watch if you feel like it if you want yes maybe you should yea i know i would idk bye.

    I have a lot of items for sale here, message me here on forum if u want to offer on items.

    I have a few accounts with some items on them.

    Account 1 has:

    1x antique diamond

    1x antique ruby

    1x antique jade

    1x antique sapp

    834x moonlight chest

    5x red pearl

    dark talisman +1 4 defence 15 strong insects 20 resis darkness 10 strong desert monster 4 arrow defence break

    ee +9 10 animals 10 orcs 10 arrow 10 undead 10 devils

    lion plate +9 1.5k hp 50 av 15 wind 3 abs sp 4 fan eva haste+4 trans = Salsa suit+ for male

    poison sword+9 36 avg -11 skill 2 mystic 2 slow 4 animals mob death pene+4

    iron helmet+9 20 devil 10 lightning 10 orcs 30 sp regen 5 abs sp

    falcon shield +9 anti 20 orcs 10 devil 10 mystics 6 animals 2 poison resis

    heaven tear necklace+9 1.5k hp 30 hp regen 15 two hand 5 abs sp 8 sp regen

    heaven tear bracelet+9 2k hp 10 abs hp 10 mystics 6 animals 6 undead

    1x engagement ring

    4x blessing scroll

    400x capes

    11x golden fish chest (M)

    5x golden fish chest (S)

    1x aura book

    1x green dragon bean

    1x wild boar 14d 7h

    10x ornament

    10x unk. medicine +

    2x orc club

    4x blue pearl

    20x finger bones

    10x ornament

    10x blue belt

    6x white pearl

    3x adders

    2x red flame stone

    245x demon keepsake

    silver bracelet+9 clean

    ebony necklace+7 2k hp 5 pierce 6 arrow 5 crit 5 abs sp

    pentagon shield+8 clean

    Account 2 has:

    gold threaded shoes+9 clean

    silver necklace+9 2k hp 20 hp regen 6 sword 6 dagger 10 claw

    sword+9 20 animals 6 dex 6 und 3 slow broken stone

    iron helmet+9 clean

    castle helmet+9 clean

    lvl 1 sura armour+9 1k hp 10 arrow 10 wind 10 magic 5 abs sp haste+4

    1 engagement ring

    1 white pearl

    1 agate

    2 white hairband+

    1 blessing book of forgetfullness

    Account 3 has:

    10x costume transfer bonus

    7x piece of gem

    3x strong savage infantry poly marble

    Account 4 has:

    8x proteine snack

    3x inventory expansion key

    1x snake tail +

    Account 5 has:

    11x white pearls

    9x blue pearls

    10x red pearls

    1x flame of the dragon (b)

    40x face creams

    70x unk. medicine +

    50x ornaments

    90x ball

    100x finger bones

    20x orc club

    110x blue belt

    90x yeti fur+

    Im selling a few items, prices are next to it, I am always open for offers, you can msg me on forum for them

    If I happen to be online u can try and contact me ig on Lavente in the red kingdom

    (Lvl 70 Sura armour) MPA+9 13w

    2k HP

    10 Abs SP

    10 Wind

    4 Claw

    3 Abs HP


    Red Iron Blade+9 5.5w

    36 Avg

    -15 Skill

    4 Vit

    2 Orcs

    1 HH

    Mob and Deathblow+4

    (Lvl 1 sura armour)RPA+9 2w

    1k HP

    10 Arrow

    10 Wind

    10 Magic

    5 Abs SP

    Haste +4

    Castle Helmet+9 3w

    No Bonusses