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    It's simple, less PVM events and more PVP events which will have better prizes. When the modern PVM events started to pop up, people realised they will earn more by PVM than PVP and so they stopped caring about fights. Most guilds now exist for being part od a special group and for having a blacksmith or alchemist, rather than having guild wars like in the past, but the playerbase is much smaller now and for most people metin has been "played out" so they don't feel like coming back.

    Well, check for yourself and see ^^ , all i can tell you is that, red and yellow kingdom are a bit empty sadly, jinno is a bit populated with many shops, but if u like the game , give it a try i guess ^^ .

    With a reply like that, it is easy to come to a conclusion that things have gone even worse. Seems like I won't be coming back, well this game is old anyway and after a few years won't have a playerbase, just like every old game.

    I used to play this game in 2009, 2012, 2015/16, not sure if I should come back, this brings some nostalgia. What are the current prices for AoS, Enchanted Blade/Armor, Sura armors, refined ores? Especially Diamond, HT, Ebony and WG?
    Can you post a screenshot of how many people are active in Jinno at the moment and Shinsoo please? My kingdom was looking pretty dead so it was all solo and eventually I stopped.

    Depends on what gear you have. If that's a farmer and you can buy decent gear then I'd go for full INT then full STR.
    If that's your main and you are a beginner then you might want the extra hp/def from VIT. But I'd still say go for INT/STR and try to find some hp items :D

    I am actually a pretty old player, back then we had Corum and Meang, later on another server was introduced and I remember opening up Jinno there and looked at like 3 players online only in CH 1 XD
    So this is my main account I have a lot of stuff on my shop accounts, I don't know what to do, which stat am I not supposed to touch for a full PVM Weaponry Sura, most say go for VIT but I have seen an administrator or moderator say anyone who suggests VIT on a Weaponry Sura shouldn't be trusted, instead go DEX, so I am confused?

    Can anyone give me a stat build template for a PVM Weaponry Sura? If also possible can you give me the starting stats for a Sura, I want to see if I have put any points on VIT?