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    I believe they are sold out yes, by real people.

    The only thing that concerns me is the fact, as soon as the item pop up, like monsterhunter, it immediately is being bought. Like who the hell does that?

    I suggest the following

    Always make crimson max first. This is ur buff and thus always gives u attack value. This skill is boosted with int.

    If u are low in def/hp, then make vit max first, and then go for int. Switch this if u think u can handle it. I don't suggest 1:1. Go for Dex as 3rd status and always do Str last since it's pretty useless on lycan.

    Indigo is a preference wether u like attack speed or not, but in grotto u will need ground skills. In short, when u are level 75, u will have 4 M skills

    If you really have won all of those things which you mentioned, you have more luck than winning any lottery and casino.

    Let's set up the stage

    I've only won a tombola prize once in my entire gameplay on metin2, assuming I am playing for 12 years now, whom for sure 7 years straight participated on at least two accounts, sometimes three on tombola.

    And yes, I bought all available tickets.

    I already play tombola assuming I am not gonna win the daily prize, and I know more people who did not won anything for years. But you won't hear me complaining.

    Want to know what I won? A mere Christmas Chest

    I don't know which paragraph but I know if you prevent a player to play the game entirely, you can be accused for blocking him using game essentials, e.g. teleporter, merchant, etc. Killing itself is not banable, but making him unable to stand up at restart city spot, repeatedly, is a banable offense. You can then be accused for harassment.

    Common sense says both are not banable, but if the player did all what he could to escape, with strong proof, or a team member is watching (and they I think will record it), yes you can be banned

    Your launcher doesnt see your game folder, or it wasn't installed yet. Click on the arrow next to the play button and click repair. Or go to settings and select a destination path (where your metin2 files should be installed on)

    Before it gets closed, I want to add some things

    Take note of what happens when you change the system like you want it to be. I guess your solid purpose is farming shards/making alch with 1 particular char only. If that's so, let's imagine you can farm 200 shards (20 cor) per char, and these shards/cors cannot be traded/stored/sold or whatever. We are still able to create 5 chars per account (without merges), that means we can still farm 1000 shards (100 cors) a day nonetheless. On first glance not a big problem because we imagined these items cannot be transferred anywhere. So, these 5 chars can make, upgrade, alchemy all by themselves and when they reach Antiques, we can transfer them again.

    Only 2 solutions for this particular problem is: account limited shard/cor farming. Eg when you farm 78 cors on main, you have 22 cors remaining to farm across your account. Or make Antiques untradeable aswell, which is plain stupid again.

    Then again, you can use your low level shard farmers for other stuff like upgrading items, metin stone hunter, etc. No need for a change on current alch system.

    No, I am just saying this is an additional mission where you can acquire a free cor draconis, and this one particular isn't too hard to finish.

    If you want to archive everything with 1 char only, more items will have to be unstoreable/untradeable. That is just plain stupid. The system works fine as it is now.