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    As if meley chests are the only things being affected by price dropping, this happens to any quick obtainable item, while equipped items are getting more expensive.

    Though the server transfer is the main thing, without the trading glass item it makes it harder to check upon prices, and thus you can't blame people to simply decrease their prices or it will take a long time to sell.

    This will go on as long as these 2 items exist. The high amount of items will make them less valueable, but at some point you are better off opening the chests and that's going to be soon

    That's way beyond the topic of this thread. But I can say if you try to stack items, and the overwriting item is labeled red, it means they are 2 different items, but if it appears white, it should. And yes, I know some are not stackable and that's also a thing to look at, but not really such a constraint like the points I mentioned above. You can place them in warehous and take them out with a different character.

    Imagine this game having no constraints at all. It was around the year 2016 it was true. More and more constraints were added over time, even with the last update. When I say constraint, I mean every kind of hindrance we face while playing. Think about the 2-3 second delay when buying something from NPC, or unstacking items, trading (which is 10 seconds!) taking items out of your warehouse. The list expands with somewhat every update. With the last update, the black borders when talking with npc or opening mission scrolls came along. This is disturbing.

    Although these constraints are added due to the abuse players can make, or bots, I fully understand it, and I also support it. Until now I had a feeling these were added temporarily. Hoping to get a true fix so players won't make a chance in abusing, but also enjoying the game constraint-free, or as much constraint-free as possible.

    I truly hope these kind of things are not permanent and a better solution will come along. Get this message to the responsible person please.

    While I am here, I'd also like to address a very annoying thing when distributing items from your depot to your itemshop warehouse. We all know tombola is giving 90/100 worthless items, and thus one day we have to clean our depot but while doing so, we can only see like 10 items max in the itemshop warehouse and we have to re-open everytime to see the item and take it out, or it won't refresh anymore. Also, the 100 clam pack from the lucky tokens, when you distribute them you may only get like 97 pieces until you open it, take the item out and re-open it. Same thing is true about glimmerstone. Hope to get this fixed aswell

    You know what's funny? Below was a post that I made on the About maintenance thread in 24Feb when he had 2 maintenance in a row, and you know what? I was right!

    Again because of a "issue" all the times for consumable items/status still goes on. And I said back then to stop the timer when server is off, no1 except DannnnKing, was on my side, and you know what? Maybe MT2 team will compensate everyone, with the same pets and so on, but this takes work and time, you would not have been in this situation from the start if you just stop the timer!


    You know what's funny? When you couldn't access your account anymore due to a wrong ban, is more likely to be compensated than some hours of maintenance in a week. In terms of Metin2, you should be really glad this is considered to be compensated. But the time loss during maintenance will not be compensated and the time simply cannot freeze as much as you want it to happen. Dream on and accept this is part of maintenance. You know every week we have maintenance so consider yourself buying time running items with this knowledge on your side.

    There already exist a filter and countless methods, like literally every thing you move/take/swipe or whatever, there is a delay. There are various words blacklisted that causes instant chatblock of 24hours in that particular map and channel, applying to any character you move to that specific map and channel. But by adding a space or dot inside the censored word, you already evade the chatblock.

    Also writing 10 times within 5 seconds causes you a disconnect. They don't write this fast.

    The option of scanning the last 3 sentences is a thing, and when repeated constantly, an automatic chatblock must apply. Maybe it works, but they can always evade it.

    Not to mention that they can easily create new accounts and the story is once again restarted

    People cry when there is no event

    People cry when the event is lasting longer than it should be

    He team is already aware of it so don't worry. Ennoy it while it lasts

    Smiths got different coordinates in every channel. So choose 1 channel, do 10 runs and write down coordinates for every smith u got.

    Must've missed something, what comes out of it when you write them down?

    Stopping the timer on servers causes more troubles than you might think. For example: events run on times, missions, all kind of duration like pet system. Stopping these times will not reload the server up properly, like monster spawns. Everything is bound to time. There is no game where ingame timer is stopped. If you want Itemshop account boosts (exp ring, gloves, etc) to 'stop' when server is offline, the only option would be changing them to playtime. So when you login, the time starts running. Obviously we can all guess the answer to that. That's not gonna happen, and the way it works now will always work like this and won't be changed. Also, when in maintenance mode, Coma's, QA's and test accounts have to be able to login (and they can login) to check several systems.

    In short: stopping the timer is not going to happen. We can merely have a small event for compensation due to time loss of exceptionally long lasting maintenance/hotfix/