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    I'm not going into detail regarding upgrade chances. However, the effect of resistances will always be a mystery.

    100% resistance is not 100% reducing the incoming damage from that element. There are so many bonusses working together to reduce incoming damage:


    Average damage resistance

    x element resistance

    Overall resistance (think about lv 70 bio reward)

    Most ranged mobs have arrow and/or magic resistance working

    Push resistance like the defence you can get from talisman (which is the same as dragon god def)

    Some skills like Blessing (used to be average damage resistance but is now a standalone bonus), Fear and Dark Protection

    Let's just put in light that normal DEF will always reduce damage, even if you manage to reach 2000 DEF, it will reduce damage, apart from the disadvantage when you get piercing hits.

    Also piercing hits through blessing and average damage resistance

    Then how would you explain why 100 fire res doesn't reduce damage to 0 when you use it on a low level character? Reason for this is the base resistance, which is quite low.

    But if you want real numbers, have a look in the 110+ maps. Around 1100 DEF, 121 wind resistance, 25 push resistance (dragon god + talisman), 49% blessing (buff), 37% from Fear, 45 magic res, 30 arrow res and these mobs from TR/Redux enchantment forest are still hitting 350. The destroyer even hits 8000. I had these resistances activated all at the same time. When you wear none, these mobs hit around 4500.

    Make your conclusion

    Also I didn't said anything about the new map, great map, really great, I have like half decent items and went to the new "grotto", spoiler alert, I got destroyed, even with nazar and minidall, seems that I will need like 10k euros to offset that, really good game mechanic, brilliant update, just for the sub 1% people who spend a lot of money, the rest 99%, they don't care about us.


    You need resistance to defend mobs, not power


    I believe there is a hack that allows the hacker to put items (vouchers) in shop for a lower price, but the items cannot be bought, and can stay there (in trading glass) for days (no it's not because of two people buying at the same time).

    Do you mean you get the message "this shop is being prepared"? That's when editing your shop with the offline shop thingy and it's true items are in trading glass when you have it in shop but not opened

    I want to have the guild bank exploit again where you could make an unlimited amount of yang

    I want the arrow quivers to sell for more yang when buying them cheaper from npc

    I want the 'chance to slow' bonus working back again on metins to make a boss spawn

    I want the dispel skill effect on bosses back again so the boss doesn't do any skill at all

    I want leveling in meley back again

    And now read slowly: I want ice witch spawners to make tons and tons of event chests and fast leveling

    Imagine if you want these back, and still ask for compensation because exploits no longer work, you guys seem to want these back ngl

    And I am glad you will always remain a brainless bot who always goes against players even though they are 100% right. I always wait to see your deseperate licking comments and they never fail to amaze me how desperando you are.

    I wouldn't be so quick to assume. Despite of my arrogant replies sometimes, it is always my credo to play a game fair. Now if you don't mind, don't even say this game is p2w when you invest a four digit amount of money in here on something you just use your spacebar for and enjoy another four digit amount of chests, how do you assume that this is how this game is being played? If you really want to obtain chests like that, you are nearly on the same level as a botter. Not to mention the exp rates are already so high without the golems.

    Open the chests and get yourself a tons of +4 stones, that's your best option for now, goodluck

    Disconnect, Crash Client, Open Storeroom Crash, Unable Logging on ch1 for 10min, Character Blocked in Loading Screen, Sudden Discconect during a Run, Automat Mute on 1 Channel, Map Glitch, Boss Bugs, etc.... continue playing?

    Yes ofcourse, I miss you darling. Come back when you are able to...

    You were probably aiming for Nazar amulet, which is *commonly known to be the strongest push ring. Don't expect to have the greatest item in less than 50 bucks.

    *In various cases, other rings are stronger than Nazar, just saying.

    They tend to set up items are are barely for sale and use this 8w trick to 'scam' players. The most expensive item is placed at the end of the trading glass results, that's one extra thing to notice. I believe adding a color in the won tab of trading glass, this problem should be fixed.

    Actually pressing the attendance button submits your present, so if 10 people pressed the button, the next day you receive 2 medals in total when pressing the button again.

    Funny that you decide what the lowest price is going to be. You have as much right to sell for whatever price you want and meanwhile some twerb deciding it to put for less. We players decide the market but you cant simply force players to have a minimum.


    Btw, Im not even making shops but if I do, such chests I always open so don't mind me

    Equal chance for everyone to sell for a decent price. If, however, I see later some 24.99 kk price, I will pop the special shop with 21kk chests till he gives up. Do I loose? definitely. But let's see how this whole thing goes.

    In other words, you're doing the exact same thing but selling with a different purpose. Glad I rarely have things in shop

    Mate it's not going to work. You see it everywhere. DR vouchers are cheap in the beginning, green fortune chests, etc anything what's flooding the market is decreasing the price and we players decide what the price is gonna be.

    Also, if you are going 1k yang lower than the least price, you're basically doing the same thing. Better just open the chests, that's what I do atm