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    Player vs Everyone / Player vs Enemy, I never use PvE. Way too many translations

    But well, leave Reflect as 5th/6th skill. Untill you will start learning that skill, keep it zero ;)

    I have a PvM shaman. I choose Blessing first, without any other skills. Then I went directly to Dragon's Strength (I guess thats Aid as you said Oo). From level 34 on I have given all skills a number. My third skill was dragon's shout. My fourth Shooting Dragon. And eventually Reflect.

    Reflect is in my eyes, very useful when you have high INT.

    A +9 bell is very nice. +9 alone does high damage.

    I suggest you to go full INT now, and focus skill on Dragon's Aid/Strength. If you have no interest in PvM, leave Reflect. Keep that zero.

    Obviously your response is always hardning to any feedback, that crosses GF lines, no matter what. But that's not surprising anyway.

    [ba]moved, since it didn't bring anything to the topic where it was posted[/ba]

    Windows 10 wasn't released when GameGuard came. Well it was released in test phase, which a lot of sources wasnt included.
    Like players had troubles with patcher due to the lack of files from Windows 10.
    But if you dont have troubles at all, what's the point? Give GameForce/Ymir some time to give a new compatibility of Windows 10 and GameGuard fixes.

    I just had to delete "hs" folder, run patcher and everything worked.... No hard editor needed...

    For your information:
    Windows 7 ultimate x64, I installed everything on external disk E, whitelisted the Metin2 Folder (for such long years) > AVG

    I just read the entire thread and I must say some have a good sense of humor xD. Try to not put anger into a game?! But I hoped to see a post from himself tho