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    You will heal less HP when you move or attack anyway. And when being poisoned or bleeding, you won't heal any. The bonus you refer from is 'potion's effect increases' from pet skills, increases the amount of HP the potion is healing. For example 10% from an XXL potion, means 2640 instead of 2400.

    Then there is HP restore, which means some HP is instantly restored after killing a monster, not sure if it has to be a skill and/or a hit to make that effect work.

    In my opinion, all these bonuses are worthless

    Metin rain or Metin shower is like spawning more metins on the existing map, eg more level 5 metin stones are spawned in map1. They spawn one by one until xx amount and repeats an hour later.

    Then there is superstone which means 10 metins stones are piled up into 1 gigantic stone. The spawns from the metin stone are also alike as if you hit 10 metin stones at once, and the drops are also the same as if you kill 10 metin stones together. They spawn 2 times of every type per 20 minutes in every map.

    There is also a chaosstone, which means 7 metin stones of different levels are piled up into 1 gigantic stone. Same conditions from superstone is true about chaosstones

    You came from Amber, you managed to reach this ark without the chest back there, so why would it be fair you receive the chest now? You wouldn't get any chest and you knew that from the moment you decided to keep playing there, so in my opinion there is no need to give apprentice chests for outer Azrael players

    Since the removal of items during last maintenance, items that were taken by Seon-Hae for enchantment that also got removed, made the NPC buggy for several players. And I heard more reports of the NPC working weirdly, such as requiring wrong fragments or no options at all, even for players that were not affected. But that's just what I heard, haven't experienced it myself.

    Until when exactly we can accept the changes so that we players can 'adapt' to it? Anything that's related to a certain point between what is right, and what is easy I call 'keypoint'. The point I wage of stating what is acceptable and what not.

    This update is that keypoint. I will start off by saying it is correct the magic attack is removed from poisonous cloud. However, it's been 15 years before they finally made this change. What's possibly left to fix a 'bug'? They nerfed it so hard that it is almost equal to insidious poison, the most useless skill at the moment. I agree it should have been nerfed, but in a way that everyone can agree on: keeping it a magical skill but fixing the resistances on bosses instead, which is already quite plain since most bosses are absolute master in defending swords and blades. That being said, the current bonus system is broken and the Yohara continent could fix that problem because you have to make new equipment to get back your old stats.

    So what about Hydra? Was it necessarily to add a cooldown to it? In my opinion yes; but again, the keypoint here is the implication it deals on the entire market: Hydra chests, magic stones, pearls and even nessie eggs prices have been increased by at least 80%. The source of items, especially magic stones, will definitely become a shortage in near future. Nobody is going to waste blessings or handbooks to talismans and serpent items because you will never reach the maximum. A slight change to the % of probability of gaining items from a chest would have been a better 'fix' instead of adding a cooldown to it. Now as already mentioned, the buffs and push items will continue to count and there is no way to adapt to it, at least I couldn't.

    Disclaimer: the old 'cooldown' was a cooldown based on the remaining time left after killing the last hydra, which is 5 minutes, but could be ignored by changing channel. What if the old cooldown applied across all channels?

    For those who say Meley is the next target, I doubt it. Since there are tickets especially made to remove the cooldown. How does that benefit in removing yang to the game? Just get ready for the Teriel boss.

    I would have rather seen a complete bug list fixes instead of adding something new, or changing the old system into something garbage. But if we are to adapt to every single change, as it is with Metin 2, its golden days are over.

    The code is only required when you login to the launcher, and not everytime.

    You can remove 2FA from your launcher using a unique code you receive when adding your account to 2FA.

    You can also file a ticket to GameForge requesting to remove 2FA.

    If an account is bound to 2FA, it won't be possible to play on it even if you had 2FA before

    Only option would be talking to the city guard npc. The chest was also available after some merge in your ingame mailbox, but that has been expired ages ago. Don't think support can help you either.

    There seems to be problem with all steam users. It was mentioned to clear the cache of steam that may help (no promises). Other than that, no clue

    Since the system has been changed, a daily fee is required to keep this land.

    5kk yang per day in normal maps

    1 won per day in Yohara maps

    You can pay the fee by talking to the Guardian npc. You need this yang in your guild bank. Each day you don't pay, it will add up. So: if you haven't paid for 3 days, it will cost you 15kk yang. This is one reason why there are so little guild lands because nearly all of them disappeared because of the 10 days maximum gap

    You need your wons (not yang) in your inventory and not in guild bank when bidding for guild land. Also, on Europe, guild lands are barely bought, so you can easily bid 1 won. Even if you loose, you can get back your wons at city guard

    Yes you need the wons on the character you place your bid on. Keep in mind that after regristration, you cannot trade or make changes within the guild. So have your wons ready before regristrate

    When there is auction, it always starts 19:00 (server time), in that time you need to register. An hour later, 20:00, you can place your bids in wons via the same npc. When the auction ends, the highest bid owns that land