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    What's so confusing??

    The 10th moon event for bosses and stones was taken off due to there being a normal moonlight event on the 11th.

    It says it on her post. Ffs.

    You know what's funny? Below was a post that I made on the About maintenance thread in 24Feb when he had 2 maintenance in a row, and you know what? I was right!

    Again because of a "issue" all the times for consumable items/status still goes on. And I said back then to stop the timer when server is off, no1 except DannnnKing, was on my side, and you know what? Maybe MT2 team will compensate everyone, with the same pets and so on, but this takes work and time, you would not have been in this situation from the start if you just stop the timer!


    I think you missed the point completely. The issue wasn't because the timer doesn't stop, the issue was being wrongly BANNED which led to the loss of pets, costumes etc.

    People know when maintenance is and do to into account that sometimes the game can be down but no one innocent ever thinks that they would be banned temporarily or permanently.

    From what I know, WebZen owns Metin2 and is paying GameForge to build and run the game right ? That means WebZen is the client of GameForge.

    So if I'm correct then why would GameForge hurt their source of income? They are payed by WebZen for their services.

    I might be wrong, but this is how I see their contractual relationship.

    Webzen are the developers and Gameforge are the publishers.

    Which means, for the ugly and sometimes useless or even lack of updates to the game is because of webzen.

    And those responsible for making some silly and irresponsible calls for players and the reason for the chaotic ban wave is Gameforge.

    If anyone to blame, it's the decision usually made by GF.

    The biggest defamation of this game is led by Gameforge.

    Too little too late i would say. A partial acknowledgment of guilt or simple compensation event won't be enough to repair the damage that has been done to this game one more time. Way if digging your own grave i've rarely seen.

    Thankfully i was not effected by this wave of bans but i know a few persons that was and the changes they ever use any external software are very, very low. I won't lied, It got me thinking if it really worth investing my time and my money in this game. I will take it slower for a while and see after.

    So true, but at least it wasn't made "final" like the previous ban waves.

    Happy at least, feel like they made a huge step in the right direction, and keep their word for now.

    Same here, I wasn't affected by this ban wave but I was thinking I could be next. Even had friends PM me if I wanted items back in case they got banned too. What a horrible way to play a game you're supposed to be relaxed and having fun on.

    Wow!!!! What an amazing outcome!!

    To those that supported all the fallen people who were wrongly accused: WOOOO!!! None of this would have been possible without PEOPLE and your VOICE.

    To all those affected: I hope you are feeling much better now with the statements release by gameforge, it feels more reassuring now!

    To all the other players: you can finally log in and play without the fear of being wrongly banned.


    It's not safe to play, invest money and time into this game/company. Time to transfer while we can to sell items on other servers and leave from there.

    Is this a joke?

    I joined azrael server when it first started, easily could found about 20-30 bots in every map in every ch. Whent to hwang temple, and every room had 1-2-3 bots, and I am not joking. And on azrael server we didn't have level weapons, I have a video about this saved, with the bots and mt2 team didn't do anything about it, I can pm it to you. There was like 1-2 normal guilds, and then, on the first and second place there was bots guild, even the highest players where still bots. After 3-4 days of server time, there where shops full of like 200 of each materials.

    So I am pretty sure it will be the same for the new servers.

    It's not a joke.

    There was a time when you had only a +0 weapon to defend yourself from the wild dogs.

    If you can't play this way don't join the server. Simple as that.

    Most of the players can't fight or leveling up without costumes and sometimes even elemental stone from IT. Go and check forrest to see how many have costumes on them. Is nice that you can do that but don't extrapolate.

    Extrapolate? I'm not the one who said it's impossible. Anyways time to leave bye bye.

    Well if you already know that the big boss won't allow, guess that's case closed?

    It's not impossible to play the game without costumes lol. Probably just need them for redux runs and the new 120+ maps, but if you are high level and relying on costumes, you should upgrade your gear instead. That's a better investment.

    It does suck & everyone paid with their own money for consumables but it can't be helped honestly especially when everyone is a asleep on the weekend.. I know when gameforge stuff up big time they have put moonlight on, or even the fun free costumes in the shop, that's about the best they can do.

    Our GMs do their best and announce all known maintenance work and server crashes. And sometimes they don't even know, so it's up to us to inform them so they can get the right people to sort the issues out.

    No, I just like to tell people when they're being dumb so they can stop embarrassing themselves more.

    If you want to be productive, suggest something that hasn't already been explained 300 times before.

    This rebuke SuZyLiNg in your world (probably China) can work but in my world, people have the right to complained and think and criticize and came with simple suggestions that can improve the game especially when they are costumers. Your post brought me back negative memories from the communist period. I'm dissapointed in you.

    Im not from a communist country nor do I practice it for a living. My world (New Zealand) probably the country better off than yours.

    We don't repeat the same problems already voiced over and over again like a broken record, we come to an understanding where it just can't be helped, it just happens, and it's not like you're purposely being ripped off.

    The servers are never down because they want you to suffer, ofc no one likes to miss out. But when you're nagging and complaining about the same old things and how you think you're right or have the right as a costumer. Think again. Try looking at things in every perspective instead of just your own. If you opened your small mind a little bit more you'd be able to understand every side.

    Anyways, I pay too and I'm not bothered losing some hours on some maintenance or some unintended server crash since that's pretty much small coin for me and if you're going to cry about, probably don't invest either your time or money since you can't afford a small loss.

    How about, if you think you have a easy fix or solution to the world's problems, you join gameforge as an employee and execute your ideas.

    Far as I'm concerned you're just a bunch of complainers with zero qualifications to be handing out such negative comments and suggestions.

    Trying to add that your money is being wasted with the timer? That happens in every game you play. And if you are putting money into any game, you should count it always as a loss.

    Pets??? Weak excuse, only an idiot with such a high day count would wait for the last second to feed their pet.

    Tldr: don't be dumb, and if you think it's so easy to implement things, join the damn team.

    As far as I'm aware the term EU or Europe consist of many countries not limited to the English language.

    New UK server/Corum/Meang/Sol is the "Europe server" you see now. This is English only in call chat server, and actually, skilgannon (and team) actively bans spam bots when we report to them and other stuff we submit via ticket system.

    How about jumping on board and helping out rather than spitting nonsense that nothing happens to bots.

    Inflation is due to players, so go be mad at them for being greedy people.