• Hey All

    I have a question for the great minds of metin2 - which i have been to lazy to test out my self.

    What exactly does Hp regen?

    1) Does it just increase the rate hp is regenerated when standing still?

    2) Does it increase the haste of hp regenerated from HP pots - similar to Master Brewer pet book?

    3) Something else

    Hope you can help me

  • I did a couple of tests and no, the amount of HP regenerated with potions is fix. Only the "base" regeneration that occurs each 3 seconds is influenced by the bonus.

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  • You will heal less HP when you move or attack anyway. And when being poisoned or bleeding, you won't heal any. The bonus you refer from is 'potion's effect increases' from pet skills, increases the amount of HP the potion is healing. For example 10% from an XXL potion, means 2640 instead of 2400.

    Then there is HP restore, which means some HP is instantly restored after killing a monster, not sure if it has to be a skill and/or a hit to make that effect work.

    In my opinion, all these bonuses are worthless

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