• Hello, I have some questions about piercing hits because I was in g2 and found out that mobs when piercing, they hit very hard. A day later an archer lv55 was in map1 free and without any skill he did a 10k hit (and I am not sure if it was crit, but I can explain it as a combination of pierce and crit in the same time maybe?). So my questions.

    1)What defences does the piercing hit overcome? For sure every physical defence (Strong Body included) and I am 90% sure that it overcomes resistances like arrow,sword etc and maybe for mobs also the elementary resistances. Is that true?

    Does it also overcome class resistances, skill - avg dmg resistances that alchemy has?

    2)Apart from alchemy is there any way to reduce resistance from piercing (or critical) hit?

    3)Does it overcome my block physical attack or avoid arrow chance?

    For example, if someone has 100% blocking (I know it is imaginary but lets say it happens), does he still getting hits because of piercing? And in the opposite direction, if sb has 100% piercing, is it possible that he misses when hitting someone that has a big blocking chance?

    4)In a skill when it is piercing, does it work the same way as a physical attack?

  • I'm by no means an expert and things could've been changed since I played but I'll give my 2 cents anyway.

    1. Last I tested, strong body didn't change piercing hits (in PvP, haven't tested PvM). Haven't tested sword def but should be easy to test.

    2. Don't think so, although not sure at all.

    3. Pretty sure this is not the case, you need to hit/get hit for a pierce to happen. So if the hit is blocked, then pierce won't apply.

    4. It definitely doesn't, on players with high def I can for example hit 2k with a pierce hit but might only do 500-1000 on skills. Also wanna mention that crit doesn't do double damage in PvP like it used to, I've only seen it had 300-500 damage on my skills. So that ninja you encountered probably has maxed out items/alchemy for PvP.

    Hope some of it helps and hope some of it is still correct lol.