What is metin rain ahout ?

  • Hello everyone, i'm an old school player and i know nothing about the new stuff in game and specially the current event that is metin rain can someone explaine it to me and where to find these metins ? That should be everywhere since it called rain but i couldnt find any:rolleye:

  • Metin rain or Metin shower is like spawning more metins on the existing map, eg more level 5 metin stones are spawned in map1. They spawn one by one until xx amount and repeats an hour later.

    Then there is superstone which means 10 metins stones are piled up into 1 gigantic stone. The spawns from the metin stone are also alike as if you hit 10 metin stones at once, and the drops are also the same as if you kill 10 metin stones together. They spawn 2 times of every type per 20 minutes in every map.

    There is also a chaosstone, which means 7 metin stones of different levels are piled up into 1 gigantic stone. Same conditions from superstone is true about chaosstones

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