GM No help

  • I banned every hacker reported on tickets during the event, i banned all hackers reported on discord during the event, i banned all the hackers i found during the event

    And after all that was done i teleported to your char Butcheer, since you wouldn't shut up on call chat about GM, and i followed you on cave for over 10 minutes, and there was not a single hacker arround you, the hacker you had was at the start, and someone reported it on discord and it was banned in less that 2 minutes after the report

    And you kept going on and on and on on call chat, as if you couldn't play because of hackers, while i was there, watching you, using half of the cave for yourself, completly alone without having nothing to stop you from playing

    And if you have hackers to report, there's plenty of ways to do it, instead of lying on game chat and on forum, send ticket, send PM on board, go on discord and tag me, and give names, instead of this nonsense

    Topic closed due to blatant lies