Just something to say

  • Very nice the double authentication and the merge. But and then also a big one, BUT then you are robbed empty by a very nice sweet person. What do you get to hear "we can't help you the person has already been banned" so what???? why do I have to be robbed after years of intensive play and then hear "we can't do anything for you, thank you for your money and pump some money in again". Yes because I really would NOT.

    Why do others get their stuff back? after they've been robbed and I'm treated like that? You really wanted NL server to continue to exist and wanted a merge. And in the end the european server dies again, they would also have been robbed and then thought to stop because it is not worth investing money and time again.

    Of course I'm now told we don't discuss bans and hacks in a public forum.

    It's more about me not only feeling screwed by the sweet nice person who robbed me, but also by the team members of Metin2NL.

    Thank you for reading.

    And indeed I nag about it after more than a year, because I thought it would be fun to play again. Until I realized again it's not worth it.

  • I didn't share my account with the person who hacked me..

    It's sad that I don't get support because he already is banned, it's not a good excuse to don't give me the support I got the right on.