Raza and Azrael adjusted drop list

  • Hello guys, does anyone know what are the adjustments in drops from Azrael and Razador?

    Is there any resource containing what the changes actually are or the post-patch drop lists? :huh2:


  • So far I’ve noticed these changes, in addition to their old loot tables (soul stones, soul crystal jewelry)


    Energy Fragments (x10)

    Glimmer stones (x50)

    Blue pearl

    (I assume other pearls as well)


    65 weapons +1

    Azrael’s chest, now drops multiple rather than just 1, I got 5 last time.

    Chest loot doesn’t appear to be changed.

    It’s not that good but imo a welcome change as the old drops couldn’t be much worse.

    And maybe there’s more to them that I just didn’t drop. Mini Azrael egg pog?

  • oh dear. Thats disgusting. They put absolutely 0 effort in it. And just when i thought they learned their lesson.

  • dont get ur hopes up and u wont be disapointed. after reading about the change log i just thought about event helper NPCs hair

    Purgotary fire metin, didnt have DD on my characters.

  • Nothing much was changed except for some pet eggs, glimmerstones, energy fragments and amount of items

    Also no more potions from Azrael chest

    When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...