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  • Thats why you died at dragon room all the time yahooo

    So what are you saying? That you are the boss now? 😀

    My characters: DannnnKing/Shaman Healing Force - lvl 109, DannKing2/Sura Weaponary - lvl 105, DannKing/Mental Warrior - lvl 95, DanKing/Shaman Dragon Force - lvl 95, DannKing5/Ninja Blade - lvl 95, DannnnnnKing/Sura Weaponary - lvl 90, DanKingShamy/Shaman Dragon Force - lvl 90, DannKing1/Lycan - lvl 86, DanKing1/Sura Weaponary - lvl 62, DannKing4/Sura Weaponary - lvl 36.

    My guild: PVP

    I'm a proud member of Jinno Kingdom since i started to play in 2010 (UK - Meang). Currently playing in Europe

  • Thats why you died at dragon room all the time yahooo

    not sure what you are on about, 1 year was enough to notice the time it took me to kill it. alchemy and items i have you can only see in youtube videos :( put the muzzle back on and go play a game more suited to you instead of triggering people here. psss you need 2 chars to kill dragon and being a lycan thats kinda sad :(

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