Metin2 is Turning Ice-cold

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    Metin2 is Turning Ice-cold

    Courageous heroes of the three kingdoms, an adventure awaits in which you will battle through ice and snow – gear up for the coming update:

    The Legend

    According to legend, a terrifying beast lies buried deep below the ice of the bleak valley known as the Soul Gorge. A long time ago, Alastor the great white dragon brought much turmoil to these lands. But now he waits to be reawakened to take his vengeance upon the living.

    Now that Sung Mahi’s evil energy has spread to the distant valley, the return of Alastor seems inevitable. Only an alliance of fearless heroes put an end to the sinister acts going on in Alastor’s frosty cave to save the people of Yohara from extinction.

    New Features

    Look forward to the following new contents:

    • Two new maps: Northwind Canyon and Soul Gorge
    • A new dungeon: Northwind Shelter
    • A new ruthless boss
    • New equipment: weapons and gloves
    • So much more!


    Metin2 team.