Dealing with the continuous constraints

  • Imagine this game having no constraints at all. It was around the year 2016 it was true. More and more constraints were added over time, even with the last update. When I say constraint, I mean every kind of hindrance we face while playing. Think about the 2-3 second delay when buying something from NPC, or unstacking items, trading (which is 10 seconds!) taking items out of your warehouse. The list expands with somewhat every update. With the last update, the black borders when talking with npc or opening mission scrolls came along. This is disturbing.

    Although these constraints are added due to the abuse players can make, or bots, I fully understand it, and I also support it. Until now I had a feeling these were added temporarily. Hoping to get a true fix so players won't make a chance in abusing, but also enjoying the game constraint-free, or as much constraint-free as possible.

    I truly hope these kind of things are not permanent and a better solution will come along. Get this message to the responsible person please.

    While I am here, I'd also like to address a very annoying thing when distributing items from your depot to your itemshop warehouse. We all know tombola is giving 90/100 worthless items, and thus one day we have to clean our depot but while doing so, we can only see like 10 items max in the itemshop warehouse and we have to re-open everytime to see the item and take it out, or it won't refresh anymore. Also, the 100 clam pack from the lucky tokens, when you distribute them you may only get like 97 pieces until you open it, take the item out and re-open it. Same thing is true about glimmerstone. Hope to get this fixed aswell

    When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...

    10-10-2007 ~ 25-01-2022

  • Agree. There are many items, for example, enhanced item that when it's split, it cannot be stacked again. Also seen myself having 2 types of exo scrolls, both untradeable, but cannot be stacked, but one said something like this "allows you to read a book" and the other "allows you to read a skill book"...I also have like passage tickets, same description, but can't stack them together. Why don't reading a book/ss shows how much time you have left until you can read a new one? We now have like 3-4 types of Green L and Purple L that can't be stacked between them.

    I saw some weeks ago a clip about what decisions ruin a MMORPG (I can send you the clip if you want). And it was talking about item shop. We need items shop for the game to thrive but the issue is how it is implemented. It can be the downfall.

    You need to scenarios for people to buy stuff from item shop:

    o Rich people will buy stuff just to show off, be strong and so on

    o Poor will buy stuff if they made the need for that stuff

    Example, they implemented costumes, that look cool and give stats. Ok rich people will buy them to show off or be stronger, but then, they added elemental resistance in G2, Beta maps and so on, so the made the need for costumes, so now if you wanna play the game, they made the need for you to spend money. And this is a bad game design.

    That guy also presented a example, the inventory, let's say you start with 10 slots, you know that is not enough, the game designer know is not enough, but then they added inventory expansion, so they purposely made a 10slot inventory, to make the need for inventory expansion, so they purposely made it the wrong way, design it the wrong way, to make you spend money. We now have offline shops, but we need to pay real money for it, like, I don't wanna keep my PC running because of a bad game design, I am all about protecting the planet, not wasting energy on shop, it should be more balanced and not so much P2W.

    It's a cool video, and can be tide to metin2. I remember back in my days, like 10 years ago, you didn't need full bonus items costumes alchemy , pets and so on, I had like basic items (20% undead, ork, animals) maybe a immune here and there, clean EE+9, clean WGB+9, 2k hp shoes, it was so rare to see full bonus items, even the changes had a 15min cooldown. And now what happened? Things didn't get better. I had too much time in my hand and searching how the events get worse as time went on, and saw like 4-5 yeas ago 1000DC voucher was 1005DC, and now it's 1300...The divide between F2P and spenders got huge.

  • That's way beyond the topic of this thread. But I can say if you try to stack items, and the overwriting item is labeled red, it means they are 2 different items, but if it appears white, it should. And yes, I know some are not stackable and that's also a thing to look at, but not really such a constraint like the points I mentioned above. You can place them in warehous and take them out with a different character.

    When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...

    10-10-2007 ~ 25-01-2022