Guild invitation

  • Hello everyone,

    I've recently joined Metin2 Europe for a new start, due to being fed up of my previous server where I played since 2008.

    I have tried a few times to join a guild but for some reason I get ignored and possibly it is because I'm still low level.

    So, I decided to create my own guild, and recruit anyone who wants to be a part of a guild not just to be helped or help, but to have fun and enjoy conversations whilst you are gaming.

    Anyone is welcome to join, the speaking language will be english of course. I will create a discord and I can add various rooms for those who also have friends that may want to join.

    Hopefully I can create a community with you guys. I will leave my personal discord for anyone who wants to contact me directly.

    SAB0TAG3 x Bruno#6692

    Looking forward to your replies,

    Kindest regards,

    Asthos aka Bruno

  • Welcome to our server Mulgarath :throw: i hope you enjoy it here

    there is some guilds accept low lvl players but maybe they wasn't on when you was looking for them:unsure:. Though, making your own is very awesome :thumbsup: And i hope you enjoy creating your own community :luvu: gonna be fun for everyone :beer:

    Gl and stay cool:cool:

  • I have been playing for 1 week now and no such luck. Rarely people even bother to reply to low lv players as soon as they know it's a low lv. We have been set aside by our already built guilds/communities.

    But, not all hope is lost. I shall shelter all who want to join, lv1 or lv120, makes no difference to me.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Feelsbadman. Glad you took the lead and did something about it.

    I also do have a new guild if you dont find people and you change your mind, you can also donate exp if you wanna stay at some level and farm. Best regards and good luck tho.

  • I want to find a bunch of boys and girls to play metin2 with. I need to be in constant call via discord or teamspeak, otherwise it'll get boring.

    I have hope that people will reach out and try this project I'm trying to see if they like it.

    Thank you.

  • Still looking for members to join our new guild

    Guild name is Kaput in Jinno

    Standard requirement is the usage of discord to interact with the guild members.

    Theres no lvl cap but unfortunately we won't be much help for players that are lv75+ however they are always welcome to join.

    Kind regards,

    Bruno aka SAB0TAG3