Hacker problem

  • your worried about hacker problems lol this gone on for years and never gets sorted what about all the other problems like lag, dc'ing, glitching all the time, damage changing daily , spots that you freeze and die cuz it takes about 5mins to come back causing you to lose exp over and over again , events that you spend ages farming for and then the npc disappears into fin air days before they are suppose to like summer whos suppose to still be there but seems shes gone hiding and you couldnt hand into her 2days before the event ended anyway. but what do gameforge care as long as they get paid at the end of the day:banghead::banghead:

  • i can guess there is a lot of problems that like you note here in com. i'm kinda new player and i put this post for one annoying thing that bothers me in a normal gameing, if u notice something wrong in game i think everyone should point it out and hope that the problem will be solved. chill and be cool :chainsaw::chainsaw:

  • you think the problem will be solved that way... ahaha you clearly dont know gameforge that well :P they only thing that listen too is money or starting new events without actually finishing old events

  • Can we stop pretending that we are blind and do something about these bots? The temple, all the way to dt is full of these even at 1 am..

    Like c'mon is this a private server where no one gives a s.. Or? :banghead:

  • Can we stop pretending that we are blind and do something about these bots? The temple, all the way to dt is full of these even at 1 am..

    Like c'mon is this a private server where no one gives a s.. Or? :banghead:

    they cant ip ban Because they use vpn, their ip changes every minute and they create instantly a new account

  • Can we stop pretending that we are blind and do something about these bots? The temple, all the way to dt is full of these even at 1 am..

    Like c'mon is this a private server where no one gives a s.. Or? :banghead:

    ...you should come to Germania server to see a real circus on map2 (Bakra)...there are hundreds of them,killing monsters without touching them,all day and night...and i noticed that they are automatically collect only dragon stone shards,not other item drops because i was watching them some time,so im not surprised that shops are overflowed with alchemy stuff...i send messages to admin support but nobody is answering or doing anything to stop them...so i guess that hacking has become legal in this game...i dont understand how they expect from new players to advance when they have no place to level up...if they cant ban those bots they should consider other solutions,suspension of autohunt option for some time maybe...

  • Then make a better anticheat system so they cannot use it.

    I barely seen a gm on in 3 months. Those chars are 56 like they werent banned at all. Nothing has been done all this time

  • They are getting banned all the time but for every ban, they instantly create a new account so it's almost a no-go.

    When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...

  • @1Rekkles i'll make this very simple to you

    Next time you complain about hackers and don't provide at least a name, you will be warned for spam

    You either help, or if you just like to whine, go somewhere else to whine

    And you also have no idea how long i personally devote to those hackers in temple, and how many 10 minutes are needed for them, so, really keep your assumptions to yourself, since you know NOTHING about what you are talking about


  • Dont think is my job to come with names for a ban. And i will complain all day as long i cannot farm anywhere on any channel cuz of these bots.

    Do your job. Thnaks. Again is not my job to give ya the names, im not part of the staff. Yeah they re banned every day i see. Lv 56 still here on every channel.

    Now you can ban on forum again thanks. ;)


  • You see that you don't know anything about how this works?

    for you information, not that i have to give it to you, that char on the screenshot was created on 2020-09-11 05:37:04

    so yes, your highness, i'm terribly sorry he went from map 2 to temple some hours after i checked

    You really think the hacker takes as long as you do to get to 54?

    My job is beeing done, better than you can even dream of, continue lying as if it isn't and you will also be warned

  • I find these chars in temple to be really weird. I see literally the same type of bots, similar names on all servers.
    they are somewhat similar to bots who spam selling wons in map1 on all servers except no1 really reaches for bots who ‘sell wons’, we just block whisper and bb, they dont really harm us, they are just incredibly annoying but these lil maggots in temple prevent people from hunting there. Whenever I go to dt, i get mad small people cant hunt there because of them. Somebody should really do something about it. I report them but in 1 day there are new bots so no much point.

  • Ow he s gone now. Took so long. Amazing.

    I have so much to say but ill keep it for myself, not worth. Again, didnt take so long to ban him so i think i know what im sayin.

    Thanks for the initiative i guess.

  • You haven't had any bots in temple for the past week, none at all

    For 1 week and a half before that you had bots in temple, that's how long it took me to make him quit, by banning and banning the chars that where he stores the alchimy he makes to sell, he quited we had a free week, banned chars from him for 6 hours straight on saturday and 5 hours on sunday, sometimes that's what it takes and how long it takes to make them quit this server, but eventually they do quit

    The week was calm without this kind of hacker

    And now another one is back, and yes this is ONE person/company, even similar names, it's not exactly the same as the one before, and as always i'll make sure that he doesn't profit from hacking, and eventually he will move on, sometimes they move on on the 1st day, sometimes it takes weeks

    And reporting always helps.

    But when i devoted to the temple hacker 6 hours on saturday, 5 hours on sunday, 4 hours on tuesday finding the same dude on other servers, 4 hours on thursday finding him on other servers, after a week like this IGNORANT people come say that i don't do my job and if i was loggin 10 minutes this would be handled

    No i'm not gonna take it, nobody has to believe me, but i'm not going to allow assumptions and lies about this from people that don't have the slightest clue what the job is and how far i go on doing it

  • But hey, i have an idea for you @1Rekkles

    If you accept, from now on, every time i spend on hackers, i'll keep stunning and dcing your chars?

    That way you can see the 10 minutes per day that i hunt hackers

    What do you say? let's give it a try?

    How much of your gameplay are you willing to put on the line that GM's don't log, since you haven't seen any in months, should be safe enough

  • My apologies then, im titled and from outside looks like no one is doin almost anything against these bots.

    I know every report helps but we re not all havin time to do that, i often see people callin them in ingame chat so just if someone from staff would be more often on wouldve help more into this.

    I just want this game better, but kinda feels like no one cares about and is sad.

    Glad you wrote that here and again, sorry if i did bother you. :cookies: