• Hello guys!

    I am a player which start now 10 years ago to play Metin2 and I still love it very much. I am a lot of time away from home and I would like to play some Metin2 on my phone.

    Why you don't try to invest to do a Metin2 App which can work on Android and IOS? I think it will be played by a lot of players, you can try to make a connection between pc game and app, we can have maybe same accounts on app, but anyway this is not a "need", but I think this is a good idea. I am still searching on Google Play a lot of games to play when I am away or when I have free time at work, but honestly, there are a lot of really bad and no sense apps, I would really like to play it even on my smartphone.

    Take care!

  • Sorry for to reply in a old but because I really like this idea which you are talking about metin2 app I really like it, And I want the community to work on that as soon as possible