Metin2 Same-Sex Marriage

  • Hello fellow players,

    Hope you're all well.

    I have discussed with friends that why still there's no same-sex marriage in Metin2 and we thought we make a petition in order to make a change.

    I a not sure if I am in the right place to seek the players support for this Metin2 related petition.

    Please find the petition link below -

    Thank you.

  • "[...] as the game will show more inclusiveness for the player and might attract more people to play, and if the so-called "homophobic" people will leave, there will be more space to play for our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters (and all in between), and for our LGBTQ+ allies."

    This level of parasitism reminds me of 2014.
    Das a yikes from me, fam

  • I have no problem with gay players, but in my opinion the game is already too progressive and we don't need same sex marriage too, but if that happened i will be cool with it.

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  • sorry to say but this game is based on the old Korean era where same-sex marriage used to be looked upon as a sin (or death sentence, however you wanna put it XD). I doubt they will change that any time soon, and honestly, I like it this way XD