Drops for Party

  • the dumbest thing about Metin2 is that i can drop something for my team mate across the map and then have some asshole sit there and wait to pick it up before i can.

    so what im saying is. if i can drop something for my teammate across the map i should be able to pick it up for them. Now i lost a Haste Stone because of this stupid -content removed- system put in place. yes im going to quit metin for the next few days becuase im upset about it. This is a really stupid system that needs to be changed

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  • After few seconds name dissapear and u arr able to pick it

    If you would read carefully you might notice that is exactly his point - the name diapers and anyone can pick it up that's how he lost it.
    And I agree that it is a stupid system and I for a second there I wondered what on earth were the devs thinking when they added this and whats even the point of that but then I remembered they aren't capable of thinking :stick: