• Since everything is so crowded right I'm thinking of trying to farm in DT 7th floor. Is it still a good place to farm?

    Also, at what level (M, G, P) does the Fear skill stop mobs from attacking you?

    Also if you have alternative places to farm for a level 69 Sura (different items, mobs, etc) please suggest away.


  • In my opinion the game changed in a way that "metin2" starts at lvl 95+ , when you can farm 90+ maps or meleys or lvl 100 boss etc..

    Or you have the option to farm alchemy with as many low level chars as you can daily.

    But if you want that "oldschool" type farm you can still do it, but not worth it for me, better just invest for the future and rush 90 95.

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  • I dont want any of that alchemy/fishing/mining. I want to log in, smash stuff for a couple of hours, make a shop and leave.

    Will it take a lot of time to reach that level 90? I have tons of exp rings/capes/mounts/decent items. I didnt level simply because I get bored fast of that.

  • Well ofc you can farm some nice books in dt and sell it in store, but think about the time you spend there and calculate the money you make. But hey metin2 is about fun too so yeah ! if you like it,do it.

    About leveling up if you have some nice items for g2 i mean: +- around 70 + light and 80 devils, with exp rings and item shop exp rings 75 to 95 would take around 7 to 10 days around that, depending on how much time you can be in loged in in auto hunt. (100% all time auto-hunt)

    #DeadCommunity. ;(

    waiting for international merge