Is it worth?

  • Hello everyone,is it worth to come back to play after the merge it will be more players and the stuff will be cheaper,i buyed acc long time ago when that was legal i got lvl 70 warrior with G2 skills and 21 lvl horse bio on ice marbles in progress.I"m playing now on private server wom2.So i decide to come back on official if is worth? How to earn money here on my lvl ?What do you think?

  • I think that you should try it out and see for yourself. None of us know what will happen really. Prices might go up, might go down. We dont know. Just dont mention buying account :thumbsup:

  • If i were you, i would make a new acc hunter. Make chars on Nl and DK servers on same acc and make shards. 5x cors per char daily should make u big money. I think it will be fun but again, idk how much better than wom

  • Nothing will happen to the prices.

    DK uses the same prices and the Netherlands are too few players to change the UK prices.

    you already have a chance that you will find a number of items cheap because the Netherlands has to get used to new prices:thumbsup:

  • on both servers people are max 100x per server so i don't think prices will change max what will happen it is that items will be more and easier will be to find what u want and in my opinion is perfect <3 and yeah u should come back the server is op

  • Smoki you should try with new account and new char , you`ll get tons of items which will help you later on so make new char , im gonna suggest you to make then ew char in chunjo or in shinsoo since jinno is always overpopulated