Additional Channel(s) to accommodate for the increasing amount of new players.

  • This idea is based upon the following fact: a pretty significant wave of players have started playing on Universalis.

    I suggest that one or two new channels should be added in order to accommodate for the increased amount of players, especially in the low level areas.

    Even if the numbers don't actually reflect the need for a new channel(but I doubt it), a new channel would certainly benefit both the new players that have just started playing and old ones.

    Furthermore, the addition of one or two more channels will attract new players, which, after all, is the aim of both the game's team and the community's.

  • Just asked a few days ago and it's not goint to happen

    How can they just simply say no? There are many topics about that even from the year 2018. What should we do to have more channels?

    The number of beginner players is huge right now and map2 is full of players in the evening. Newbie players can't even get a mount because it is impossible to hunt down a metinstone during the event.

  • I completely agree. From what i understand, their main reason to not implement new channels is just to make the game harder, making it harder makes people waste money in the item shop. Thats the only reason i can think of becuase at least 2 more channels would benefit boths sites.

  • I hope they realise that map2 is crucial for new players. And if they can't farm there during events, there's a good chance they'll stop playing. I have a pretty good character for map2 (max movement speed, max drop, good damage) and it's still hard to farm during a relatively common event like a mount certificate. Now imagine doing it without a mount. Next to impossible.

  • Not even neighbouring kingdoms are safe. They used to be fairly abandoned back when there were 6 channels to chose from. It made farming there a good alternative. But now you run into Jinno players in there as well.

  • When they relased that video last year about some updates on youtube, i asked about uks low number of channels and why dont we have more. They replied saying that sever has to have certain number of players. If there are less players, there will be less channels. I guess we did reach that number yet. :dead::dead:

  • Why should they add new channels. They made a PVP server with really good prize pool and only 3-5 people committed to playing it. What a waste of time. Keep it 3 channels, just bunch of greedy X/'s

  • Are we gonna get more channels after the merge ??

    our server is growing and number of players has witnessed an increase recently

    beside 2 more servers are being merged with UK so i think at least 1 or 2 ch will be good enough


  • 1?? really ? we need at least 5-6 total channels if there's an event even 6 won't be enough be real guys :D we are more people then before and with merge coming up for sure we need more

  • It will be in game interest if there will be more than 6 chs. Lower lvl will be encouraged to play more, for start. Hope you guys take the right decisions.

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