Waiting time for the support response

  • Does anyone know how long i can wait for an answer from Gameforge. I sended ticket and wait 6 day- ticked is in progress. I have a very important issue to support and nobody cant help me. I try to contact with Skillganonn but he ignore me. I'm spending real money on this game and looks forward to serious treatment. Is it so hard to answer the question I asked?

  • Skil is Handicapped dont bother

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  • Depending on the subject, the difficulty of it being handled, will be the main points that will give you a basic idea how long it will take for a reply, a simple report can be solved quite easily since the one who answers them, has done it plenty of times before, meaning has experience in dealing with it and does not have to look into it too much. Things like account banned/hacked or etc can take far longer because they have to do a in depth search to have all the details on "paper" so to speak. The more you rush it the less effective the support will be. I am sure everyone would like a reply within the hour, but the people who reply to tickets are humans too, they too have a life outside dealing with gaming communities and such. As for saying you donate to the game does not make a difference, you and everyone else in the game are all equal, just because you donate does not make you special, yes donators help keep the game going, but does not mean you get special treatment. Just be patient and things will be resolved, i am sure your problem is a major one since you sound worried, but just wait for a reply, hoping for the best and that everything will be resolved. Cheers!

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