Skill Books and Spirit Gems!

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm fairly new to the game. I'm a bit struggling with getting rid of stuff! :banghead:

    Does anyone know what skill books and spirit gems are selling for? I tried making a shop but nothing sold. Maybe I'm too expensive :rolleye2:

    Anyway, could you help me out here? Just some guidelines would help me greatly!

    Happy gaming! :gaming1:

    LazyEllie - Level 33 Warrior in Chunjo Jinno! :pump:

  • Oh, about everything haha.

    I was hoping someone would have a list or something. I've been searching for a bit, but there was nothing I could use ;(

    LazyEllie - Level 33 Warrior in Chunjo Jinno! :pump:

  • Well you should pay a visit on Jinno's town 1 to have a look on shop prices so you can sell things on decent prices, usually there are the most shops...

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  • Hi Ellie and welcome. There are only few books that people need everyday and with most of them others you need to be patient till its sold. I will write you down my personal price check.

    aos-5kk, ench.blade-2kk, ench.armour-750k,bers.-750k, fear-666k,strong body-500k, ambush-500k, swordspin-500k, dash-400k,dragons.aid,reflect and blessing-500k.. and about the rest I don't really care so I put 200k per each

    stones+4: haste-25kk,monster+deathblow-14kk, evasion-4kk,defence-2kk, pene-2kk, antiwar-2kk and the rest 1kk or under

    stones+3: haste-500k, monster+deathbow-250k,evasion-150k,defence-150k,pene-100k,antiwar-100k and rest under 100k

    +0 - +2 are for some people needed so they go out for 25-50k each

    Hope it helps u a bit, wish u good drops^^

  • Same only been here for like 5 weeks got a good head start asking people for advice on items like what sells the best etc etc
    then i farmed like mad and made a bit of yang im now lvl 42 Archer :) just made my own guild whooo lol (sad right)
    And one thing i love doing now is helping people in game :) just makes me feel good knowing i can help :)

  • Hy.

    Regard stones +3,4 i have similar prices as bladeeisabnormal said except evasion +4 which i sell it with 6 or 7kk.

    Regard skill books: AOS 5kk, Ench Blade 2kk, Ench Armour, Bersek, Fear 700k, Strong Body 400k, Dragon Aid 400k, Blessing 300k, Reflect 200k, Sword spin 400k, Spirit Strike W 300k. Rest of the skill books under 200k. Good luck with the game.

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