proposal to move accounts

  • Hello,

    I also suggest moving the accounts after the server TelhamHill on Universalis

    Why? f you do not use the item-shop you have no chance to do anything. And to play 2 months for 2-3 boxes 2/3 add/change this is not a profit.with $ 20 I buy everything you give me at the prize and I don't lose 2 months

    I propose moving accounts, why? There are no events to make huge profit, on this community there are few players

    So what can I bring after a server with 30 players? :))

  • Then why bother playing at PvP server at all ? Whatever amount you've spent, that's on you.
    There are people who doesn't spend any dime and still able to sit in top 10 ranks.

    Also there are people who've spent hundred of euros and thinks it's worth it.
    Most of people playing this server merely for rewards and PvP experiences, eventho the options to transfer characters would be nice.

    That should be the last thing anyone would've care :)

  • Honestly, if you don't play on the server you don't know what the situation.Chunjo conquer everything here .. and the people who use item-shop. I have no chance of being in the top 10%, thats 50% yes, because because there are very few players.

    And for 2 3 boxes and bonuses it is not worth losing 2 months.There are new players on the server who do not know that this server is temporary.I sent over 6-7 people to the old server. If they were playing here they had a good start, so moving the accounts seemed like a good idea.

    Like i said before.. for nothing it gives me at level 1 ( 2 3 bonuses ) it doesn't help me at all.Do I put the monk on them?

  • I think they should just make extra channels only having 3 its cramped everyone moaning about Metin hunting or exp spots etc etc, and maybe introduce a PVP channel or something splitting it into 2 servers and talking about merging just a nightmare where as if you had it all under one roof then surely it would save so many issues..
    Thats what i think anyways im just a little guy with ;)


  • I know that in our opinion they do not give two money, but i really don't see why you would play this server for two months. And if the server shuts down, why not make events fun for us? You have nothing to do, we all know the story of new servers in the UK community, like playing in 10 people the whole server