Started Recently - Want to meet you guys in game

  • So after years of playing and a very big hiatus of around 7 years, I started playing the game again. It's a mixture of nostalgia and enthusiasm right now. Only thing that I really miss is playing with the close friends that I made and have no longer contacts of/with.

    So I would like to ask you all, if you are playing the game in the Universalis servre and are in Jinno, let's befriend each other and create a community in game as well for us. I don't intend to create a faction or guild out of us. XD. Just a few redditors to play with. :p

    I'm M4dWarrior in Jinno Kingdom of Universalis server.

  • Welcome back. You can add me on friends if you want. I also played with interruptions this game.

    My characters:

    DannnnKing/Shaman Healer - lvl 94
    DannKing/Warrior Mental - lvl 94
    DannKing2/Sura Weapon - lvl 82
    DanKing/Shaman Dragon - lvl 76
    DannnnnnKing/Sura Weapon - lvl 70
    DanKingShamy/Shaman Dragon - lvl 61
    DannKing1/Lycan - lvl 40

    I'm proud member of Jinno Kingdom since i joined this game in 2010/2011.