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    Already heard the news? Metin2 has now been integrated into our completely reworked website. Alongside all the latest Metin2 news, you’ll also find the hottest updates on all major Gameforge titles!

    Plus you can will be able to launch Metin2 with our new game client on September, 11th (around noon), giving you more options and benefits!

    Improved Patching

    The game client optimises the patching process, allowing you to update your favourite game to the latest version faster and easier.

    Need More Adventure?

    Using the game client you can download and update even more great Gameforge titles, all at the click of a button. Soon all Gameforge games will be supported by the client.

    One Account – Endless Action

    You only need a single account to play all our games – setting up a new account for each and every game is now a thing of the past! Any existing accounts you have can be manually linked to your unified Gameforge account.

    What else changes to Metin2 after integration?

    - Multiple accounts are supported.

    - Websites with event rankings, wikis and forums will still be available via page links.

    - Windows XP will no longer be supported.

    - For Steam players: It will no longer be possible to link new Steam accounts or log into the Metin2 website via Steam. You can however continue to log in and play via Steam as usual.

    You can manage your Gameforge account directly from the game client. Think of the client as your new home for action-packed and adrenaline-pumping games from the Gameforge universe!

    Additional Info: No additional maintenance is required and active game sessions will not be stopped. The changes will only take effect once the client has been restarted.

  • Dear Players,

    the security of your account is very important to us. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly when registering to avoid potential abuse. Also don’t forget to create a secure password and to change it regularly.

    As we often receive support tickets relating to account theft, we’d like to remind you not to share your account details with any other players. If other people are able to log into your account, you should change your password immediately – it’s the only way to stay safe.

    The Metin2 Team

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have more than one Gameforge Account?


    Does The e-mail of my Gameforge Account have to be identical with the one of my game account?


    Can I add all my game accounts to a single Gameforge Account?


    Can I add my game accounts to multiple Gameforge Accounts?


    Can I login in my Gameforge Account at two PCs at the same time?


    Can I have multiple game accounts online at same time with my Gameforge Account?


    Can already linked game accounts be added/linked to different Gameforge Accounts?


    Is it possible to have multiple clients/launchers open at same time with two or more Gameforge Accounts?


    Is it possible delete a game account that was added to the Gameforge Account?

    At this moment this feature is not available yet.

    Is it possible to unlink a game account from a Gameforge Account?


    Is it possible to move a game account from one Gameforge Account to another?

    Yes, under certain circumstances. Please contact game support.

    I cannot add a game account to my Gameforge Account because the password has more than 16 chars. What can I do now?

    Please contact game support and request a password change for the game account. Currently, there is no option to add game accounts that use passwords with more than 16 characters to a Gameforge account.

    How can I access account settings / ranking / shop now?

    All the required links are visible in the launcher, just click the icon having three dots.

    Can I play on two different servers simultaneously using the same game account on a single PC?

    Yes. To do so, go back to the GF client after starting the game, click the arrow nexxt to the "In game"-Button and choose play.