Currently Metin2 is focus only for DR user!!!!!

  • Hello Team,

    Keep on ruin the game by bring all rare items on IS and make events only for Dr users.....What is the use of non-dr players playing the game?????

    Even if we done all 4 mission we can able to get just 80 souls...but with DR thing peoples can get 150 souls?????

    Because of ruined all the rare items by bringing them on IS already 50% players quit the game by dead market......still u do the same even DR users get bored and they also will quit sooon!!!!

    1 moonstone box make jotun box sale dead.......Goood gameplan dudes....

    U guys think how to get the players money and when u implement u will see only dead server

    Im keep on posting dont ruin game by make rare things availables easy to players....But bcz of ur money act game is dying......

  • dude does not matter what you post here or what is going on , they will do w/e they want, this is not the only one official server, there is tons of it which community have more ppl LIKE REALLY MORE than this community ,

  • Yes dude there is no use of these posting bcz skillganon wont react to this and RIP jotun chest u ll no longer useful ingame.... there is substitube for yu as moonstone chest.... GL for ruining Metin2 UK

  • That exactly.. need to creatuer item events.. Already been don't buy dragon coin because my country 1euro = 6 türkish lira , i don't happy that happen. please close time come to fishing jigsaw or drop the metins enchant item , reinforce item.

  • LOL.

    Every time they`re doin an event inflation is goin on in game. I guess they`re also thinkin' that makin` these events people will continue playin.. Double cut right there.

    I dont know, this game s pretty dead since is pay to win, and it could`ve not been like that and they could ve stil get money from us.

    And since there absolutely no graphic update from last 12 years or more. Is like you bein a kid playin "CONTRA" and you get a Computer afterwords, you kinda throw the contra game to the trash.

  • You have the point but at the same time... we just had tri monster card event that was probably the best event ever. And it didnt require dc and we all won a lot from it. I agree that moonstone chest destroys jotun thrym chest and thats awful but not everything they do is a somplete $ht

  • Dude just listen this.... till last xmas event elie seal was very rare.... even i spent 40wons on golden okey chest(xmas one) to get elie..... like this all the rare items r now available in IS... then how ingame money will rotate in game??? since money is not circulating UK market is dead....

  • i agree. One more thing that blew my mind was that they increased price of vouchers... like, 100dc voucher from itemshop used to be 110 dc (10dc extra charge)... now its 150 dc. 2won in yang what used to be 75-100kk jezus... Each package is now more expensive. I think thats really annoying too... and whats with putting happy hours on darn weekend? And those boxes that give pet eggs from itemshop? They should also make a box that drops 115-120 armours +0-+9 so we wouldnt have to work for that either... :dash::chainsaw::rocketlauncher: