• Dear Metin 2 UK community.

    I am raising this topic to this forum page hoping someone with better knowledge or the team its self can tell me this!

    Its been I believe a month now since the Divine Aura Outfit was released in the item shop, but how come it tells you to obtain aura ice runes from ANY MONSTER but yet still no signs of me or anyone who owns the outfit of dropping these AURA ICE RUNES to Upgrade/Evolve...

    Id like to have an answer and like to know if the team in metin is aware of this bug and is awaiting to fix this issue because I can find very little of info about this.

    Thank you for your time and please id love to hear back from anyone about this issue!

    -XXXFaZe LvL-70 Body Warrior:)

  • I was lvl 20 when I got this outfit now im lvl 70 cause I was told to be able to upgrade you had to be lvl 60 to be able to upgrade or evolve it... by the way making it to lvl 70 took me a few weeks...