Budget weapon for sash

  • Hey folks,

    So this time around I’m thinking about making a sash, and not one of those ultimate maxed out perfect sashes. More of a decent, most bang-for-the-bucks-sashes.

    Does any one have any ideas for what kind of weapon that could be?

    I’ve read about the Phoenix bow, but I do not have the time to make one of those! And not the yang to buy one either.

  • First of all you need to decide - pvp or pvm sash? A pvm sash is still helpful in pvp and vice versa but you got to choose where to specialise.

    pvm sash:

    buy a low+ lv75 bow with 35ish avg (depends on your sash abs rate). on a 19% sash 32+avg bow will get you 6avg on sash, on a 18% sash a 34avg bow will do the same. 37+avg bows (7% on a 19%abs sash) are already getting relatively expensive. then make that bow +6+7 (not that hard to do even with normal bless) and then add that to sash. will get some avg and decent attack value and that's all you need for pvm :D

    if you can get higher avg just remember to see if its worth it for your sash for example a 37avg and a 42avg bow would give the same result in a 19%abs sash so make sure you do the math before buying a bow :P

    The math: 0,[sash abs %] x [wep avg (or any stat)] = [what you get on sash] (always rounded down)

    Example: 18% sash, 33avg wep: 0.18 x 33 = 5.94 -> rounded down -> 5avg on sash

    pvp sash:
    pvp is expensive so it's hard to find the cheap deal here :D and it depends what class you are (magic user or not):

    not magic user - the more attack value the better (and some hh helps as well obviously) so a bow like phoenix or maybe the lv90 one as high+ as u can get

    magic user - the more magic attack value the better. dragon tooth blade (lv105 sura wep) at +8+9 is the best but at lower + the fan lv105 is better.

    in both cases just look at the stats in wiki and get whatever you can afford that has the highest attack (or magic attack) value and maybe hh if possible and add that to your sash.

    P.S. I'm half asleep now so I hope I didn't mess anything up there so read carefully and think logically for yourself and don't trust me blindly ;D

  • Wow, thanks Testreg!

    That was exactly what I needed. For the record I’m going to make a pvm sash. I think i will be using it on different chars over time, all pvm though.

    Btw, are people adding bonuses in these weapons? When I think about it I would not be any high numbers, like 1-2% crit or hh.

    All cred to you Testreg , appreciate your swift and thorough reply!

  • Well making the item full bonus can help a bit if you get something like str or int or devils or any of the useful bonus 1-2% extra is still cool to have and that 1% can change everything at some times but if it's a budget sash then maybe not worth the expense. Also you might end up with poison or bleed which might be troublesome if you want to hunt higher lvl bosses (I assume you aren't strong enough to just punch all the way trough without a single care :D )