Power-Leveling Weekend - 100% Bonus Experience Points (23.08.-25.08.)

  • Dear players,

    starting Friday, August 23rd 00:00CEST until Sunday, August 25th 23:59CEST we will activate a 100% Bonus to experience points gained on all server.

    In addition during this time the new Experience Chest will be available in the ItemShop for only 19DC. This Chest features many items that will increase the experience you earn! The surprise chest opens immediately upon purchase and contains one random item.

    Possible items:

    • Book of the Leader+

    • Book of the Leader

    • Experience Ring

    • Experience Ring +200

    • Potion of Ascension

    • Potion of Wisdom

    • Mulled Wine

    • White Lion

    • Royal Tiger (blue)

    • Jade Phoenix

    • Blitzen

    • Nugget (navy blue)

    • +Bonsai+

    • Frank

    • Cerberus (Gold)

    • Royal Blue Peacock

    Have a great time leveling up!

    Your Metin2-Team