• Hello boizz and girllsss. I was wondering uhm, a good sugestion would be uhm "offline shops" like i`ve seen these on multiple servers not official ones but is kinda great specially for some low pc guys up there. Is like you pay an amount of money and the shop stays on for 1 2 or 3 days without keepin the computer on. Im not sayin it should replace this old method but maybe it should be implemented some day. 1st of all it would help the players who cannot hold a long time a shop and idk maybe the players number will grow as well. What do you think?

    PS. Sorry if it have been debated already, this topic. Thanks in advance:cookies:

  • Iam full agree this idea, also i saw this offline shops on alot of private servers, even on Germany official metin.
    Good idea :thumbsup:

    Also i think about back to 6 chanels and swich chanels without relog :ohyeah:

  • Well , evreything in this game happens “”fast as possible “” the onley thing they do “fast “” is give u warning for insult 😂


    In-game bans, In-game warnings, Forum bans and Forum warnings are not to be discussed on the board. Instead the user may contact the Support Team via the Support System (

    warning for a minor offense issued

    looks like long maintenances are very bad for your forum account...