Item shop update

  • Hello,

    I bought some DR to buy DR vouchers.
    But when I lookedd in the itemshop I couldn't find any DR vouchers, I only could find the pets that were able to buy this weekend.
    So I guess the itemshop isn't updated on my account.
    But I already bought the DR on my account and I can't buy any DR vouchers.

    Does someone know how this could be fixed? That I will be still able to buy the DR vouchers?

  • Accounts need to meet certain criteria to be able to purchase vouchers, if you can't see vouchers your account hasn't met the criteria at the moment

    This is a secutrity feature against frauds, and therefore the criteria are not public, you will not be able to purchase vouchers until your account fullfills the criteria

    The pets are supposed to be on sale on the the 5th, so everything is correct with your item shop, it's not a "not updated" issue

  • There is no way to know the criteria... Re-read what skilgannon said :D

    And this is just a speculation - if you have your account linked to steam try unlinking it (there are bunch of posts here on how to do it, just search a bit). That might be one of the reasons you can't buy certain stuff. I used to see a bunch of steam users in here with some kind of problems but recently it seems alright.
    Maybe that will help or maybe not ;D As I said before - this is just a guess of why you might have some restrictions so don't blame me if doesn't work :P