Sha (Healing Force)

  • As a Shaman (Healing Force) your skills order should be : Cure/Summon Lightning/Lightning Claw or Lightning Throw/Swiftness and at last Attack Up (!)

    • Your 1st skill max. should certainly be [CURE] since this subcateg. is all about the Power of Giving Life. (also very efficient in terms of spending less money on HP pots/and pretty much infinite sustaine if you have the patience to play around your CDs, while PVMing.
    • Your 2nd and only choice here is by max. [Summon Lightning] when I'm saying that i mean it. (is a MUST) taking any others spell would reduce considerably your farming options by far (!)
    • As the 3rd & 4th spell here you can be more creative compared to the 1st and 2nd options which any Healing Force (Sha) should prioritise first. :)

    - For PVM you should get [Lightning Claw] due to its CC chain and relatively high dmg.
    - For PVP and single use Target you might want to take [Lightning Throw] due to its high burst dmg once fully stacked. Note [Getting good PVP gear costs a lot of money, not recommended for new players].

    • As your 5th option you can only get [Swiftness] for the efficiency of your group and yourself of course. More Speed means higher chances of not getting 1shoted in Instances/Grouping. Since you are a [supportive class] your main objectives in Grouping should always be Healing your allies from the back line/while dealing lots of damage with your Summon Lightning/Lightning Claw etc !
    • At last your only and remaining option here is [Attack Up] as your last spell (!)

    Personal Note : This is just a beginner guide class for Sha(Healing Force) regarding your skill max. order. Which I don't think can get more complex than this. I'm myself a new player and still have many more information to accumulate regarding the game. I'm always open for informative discussion or debating about certain topics of the game. My in-game name is (Erastus33) and you should PM ME if you want to hang around or discusse about the game itself!
    Until that time, Peace out lads. xD 8)