• And funny things is that always Chunjo players are talking about that.. We have fight time to time Jinno vs Shinsoo.. And Chunjo never joined in war.. i think its more because in Chunjo are 6 ppl alive :)

    Yes yes, because that's such a relevant statement????????????????????????????????????? Sigh.

    Someone said even hide and seek, did one few months ago, 1 dude went to search for me and he was made fun on call chat

    And I was that person that talked about Hide & Seek. So you logged in ONCE with no announcement and decide "oh, I'll do a hide and seek event", it's no wonder the turnout was rubbish and so he got mocked, does that means no more Hide and Seek?

    Few reasons why your events turn out unsuccessful

    • They're not planned, meaning you just log in and expect everyone to join
    • Probably not during peak hour/time
    • Your prizes don't attract players

    People get excited when they see what they're playing for is of value or rare. If you put down "non tradeable blessing scroll", what do you think the turn out will be?? People drop blessings so easy now. Keep the prizes up to date, make it worth it.

    i'm out of the loop discussion, have fun and dream on

    So it's confirmed. There are NO barriers.

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  • Quote

    Few reasons why your events turn out unsuccessful

    • They're not planned, meaning you just log in and expect everyone to join
    • Probably not during peak hour/time
    • Your prizes don't attract players

    1. false, don't talk nonsense when you don't know what you are talking about

    2. false, again don't talk when you don't know what you are talking about

    3. So wasn't it for the fun? Now the prizes have to be attractive? wasn't this all about just the fun and interacting with GM's? So now the music changed, and once again, and as always, the events are always good if they fill players pockets, otherwise, they are just garbage, unless on forum.

    4. Stop poluting the thread with stupid memes

  • Are you leaving this thread or are you still here???

    1. true because I'm sure I've seen a post saying GM's dont have to announce everything including events.
    2. true, coz it's usually my morning time, never seen anything happen over the holiday periods.
    3. I listed what makes your events unsuccessful. I forgot one more thing, your lack of passion to do anything about it.

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  • Triggered? Polluting thread with memes :P ? are u for real ?
    Ofc it's fun and it has to have some decent reward lol...

    Actually what she said is correct, events occur without good planning... everyone knows it

    Are u a dictator Skil? people can't express their opinion because of you everytime... if someone doesn't think the same way you do ... you end up warning them lol.

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  • Even though Skil is using profanity himself against players here on the forum, and forcing his opinion down our throats (or at least that's what it feels like), there's no need to turn this into personal vendetta's, let's get back on topic and possibly come up with a nice solution to make PvP more appealing again on our server, for example by holding some nice and easy and interesting events.

    If the metin2UK team doesn't want to do such events, which definitely looks like it based on Skil's attitude towards it (but ofc he's only one member of a bigger team) I wouldn't mind organising a few events myself or with others for the entire server to see if people are interested in PvP stuff. Hek, i'd even give out rewards if that's what makes it alive, if that's allowed.

    If there's enough interest in something like that, share your thoughts, and maybe we can pull something off if the community works together when GMs won't help us out. Kingdom wars like they used to be might be out of reach, but surely other events can be done, be it by staff members or by players themselves.

  • I remember many many years ago, when PVP was dominating this game, people would mutter about "Why is PVM neglected? We need more PVM events". I guess MODs and event organizers listened carefully to them and hoooooooooraa, here we are. People are now arguing that PVP is dead, this was the result of the chain of mistakes of both the community as a whole and the MODs.

    Why am I blaming the community? Hey, remember the two PVP tournaments? Or the guild tournament? Remind me who participated in them except 8 people whom 4 of them didn't show up, resulting in scores being only on by default?

    Why am I blaming MODs? Your lack of creativity was an element in killing this game's PVP. You only focused on creating genuine PVM and forum events, and what about PVP? You just settled for the option to ignore it since people didn't show up in the previous events. You could have definitely did a better marketing for them.

    Anyways, PVP is dead in this game, and I am sure many of the old PVPers would agree to me when I say that mostly people playing now are PVMers and/or metin hunters. Personally, I do not think that PVP will return, even with a THOUSAND merges that happened, still PVP is dead and will remain so.

    As an old PVPer, I know that people used to be rude, and alot of mutes were offered with lots of fights and spreading hatred. However, no one can deny that people would login just to participate in the DT night fights as soon as they are back home. It really brought life to this game.

    Keep blaming each other, but PVP was ruined by all.

  • It's simple, less PVM events and more PVP events which will have better prizes. When the modern PVM events started to pop up, people realised they will earn more by PVM than PVP and so they stopped caring about fights. Most guilds now exist for being part od a special group and for having a blacksmith or alchemist, rather than having guild wars like in the past, but the playerbase is much smaller now and for most people metin has been "played out" so they don't feel like coming back.

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