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    Everybody surely remember wars between kingdoms and the excitement it brought to the players and the whole community.
    All kingdoms battled together once every week or month.. Winning kingdom used to get special active boosts such as experience event etc..
    People loved this, it made PvP more interesting... I'm sure many would like them back and it's easy!
    Everything is already here: the whole system is already implemented and npc is available ... We only need some publicity, special announcement and an active GA to make it happen.
    It's lots of fun and makes the game more alive. I hope this reaches the right people and maybe they could consider it back.
    Waiting for everybody's opinion.
    One love

    P.S: YELLOW FTW :chainsaw:

  • Nobody remebers the excitment it brought to the community, nobody remebers everybody loved it, simply because it never was like that

    We do remember the constant nagging, the constant complaining, the rudness towards the event, the ammount of players muted during the event, the conspiracy theories that kigdom A or B was beeing beneffited, the ammount of PVP'rs that wouldn't ven join because how "bad the event was".

    So seriously, no, never at the end of the event it came across that the community loved it like you seem to remember, and i do trust my memory a lot more than yours.

    And lets not forget, that once we had to reset and restart the event because we did a mistake in spawning, and it was literally the end of the world

  • Nah, his memory about it is perfectly fine, the only thing he mixed up was that it was like that (the positive way without all the downside stuff you mentioned above) on the US server from z8games back then. Fun times with kingdom wars there, which is why it's a well-thought suggestion to implement it here, being unaware of the feedback this server got back then on it.

    Would love to see some PvP events here myself, with some fun rewards. There are plenty of people who would love to see some more PvP action going on on this server, and possibly it would attract some other players to come back too.

    Also, results from the past don't necessarily have to determine the course of action for now. Plenty of players playing here atm who weren't playing back then, lots of new features in the game.
    Might be worth trying, if it doesn't work, then it doesn't, but it's worth a shot in my opinion ^^

  • Z8 is closed for so so many years, lets not even bring that up

    And no his memory is not correct, since he is remebering something that never existed, individual people could have liked it, but as a community no, the response was and always will be negative, simply because the way the community as a whole as functioned and still does

    Running one of those won't hurt, but no way you can expect it regularly, even the nice rewards you mention, as a whole the community will always comply about them unless it's something that can fill their pockets, wich is not going to happen.

    Might be sad, but all of this is 100% truth, and as an individual you might not identify with what i'm saying, but as a community, it's spot on.

  • Don't forget the ones that always try to break their own kingdom metin just to ruin for eveeryone, forcing other to have to go on free on them, those are always nice ones

    And I'll never forget that hahaha :D

    You're talking about a community from years ago, not about the community we have today. Interactive events haven't been done in a long time. Events where the community had a good time with the GMs. All I see now are non interactive events where you just roll out a bunch of code for free exp for 2 hours or, moonlight event for an hour or so or you just spawn a bunch of ores or metins and log off.

    We're always going to have those mentally challenged that ruin the events, but that shouldn't stop us from trying or doing. I wouldn't mind the DT runs with GMs so I can bring my million of accounts xD or even hide & seek.

    Is there a barrier which prevents GMs from making events? Is it ideas? Is it lack of staff? Is it lack of trust? or is it CoMas have to approve? (I know you probably can't answer that)

    Anyways, I guess what this guy is trying to say is,
    How are we going to get the community excited again?

    I say "we" because it's not just the GMs but the community too, we need to help each other.

  • Actually Shanez said it perfectly, What i'm referring to as good times was years ago on US server .... If it happened in the past then it can happen again.
    Maybe should make it in a way where not every1 can join so easily but they have to be certified in order to join, this way noobs cannot make the event a failure..
    I'm sure the right people can fix it up.. It is fun to have interactive pvp events with GMs... and it will create a sort of action between kingdoms...

    My memory is totally fine Skill, i'm referring to another community back then maybe , but still lots of players merged into here ... it's the same game lol

  • You're refering to a distant memory of another server and another community, a memory that you have cherished and selectively chosen just the good parts.

    Z8 was merged to .ca, before that that certain p server logged in z8 players accounts and copied the stuff to their p server, .ca was a fiasco due to the differences in the game versions, eventually some people got copied to anthor, not that many as you try to portrait, and eventually anthor got migrated to uk and after that and merged, don't even try to make it as there is many people from z8 arround, cause there isn't
    I saw the lists of chars to be copied, GA Skie copied most of you anyway, and we know how many there was

    And once again, forget Z8. Z8 is dead buried and closed for many many years, it had a stupid game version that stoped beeing developed and was missing more than half the game content compared to what metin is today, and for all effects and purposes it was not and it will never be the same community, so many years ago that everything was different, on z8 and here. It's the same has hoping and remembering BO parties were so much fun, that ship as sailed and is not coming back

    Someone said even hide and seek, did one few months ago, 1 dude went to search for me and he was made fun on call chat

    At all times, there has always been people wanting PVP events, and at all points when we did a pvp event, the so called PVP'ers don't join, there might be a million excuses, but at the end it's the egos, and no, nothing changed overall, and nothing will change that

    Romanticize all you want your memories and your perception of how "now it would be different", but you won't change the reality

  • so metin2 will not or will be big and many ppl play the game.if you all se on youtube and twitch all big games have pvp turnamet and more so metin2 is a pvm game is that metin2 say if GM say no mor pvp event then we need to ask the delopers of metin2 if Metin2 turning to pvm Game..Happy day all

  • It is the very exact game, ofc game developed and changed over the years. Shard system, pets, level cap increased, new maps and new bosses.... But it's always been the same, same maps, same npc, same graphics, same songs, same chars (Ofc they added Lycans) ... But it's the same game Mister!

    I don't understand why are you being so negative... Reason i made this thread is to remind people of that event and maybe, just maybe developers might take a look and notice this thread and actually think of something, anything that will bring PvP events back alive! ( and yes people do love PvP and it is a PART of this game, all your fancy stubborn words won't change it)

    As i said before, maybe event needs some fixing, some new ideas but it can work and i've seen it before and it was fun and everybody loved it, so please stop denying it and let the people express their opinion in a nice atmosphere.

    My words wont change the reality? What reality? Lol, it's a game and games evolve, they never stay the same.. There is no reality but one, and it is that People will always give their opinion on Forums and you can't make it sound ridiculous or stupid if you don't like it.

    P.S: True, very few had their chars migrated but many came back, made new chars and joined again... So there is more old US players than u think. (I never made this thread to talk about an old server but you're bringing this up)

  • At all times, there has always been people wanting PVP events, and at all points when we did a pvp event, the so called PVP'ers don't join, there might be a million excuses, but at the end it's the egos, and no, nothing changed overall, and nothing will change that

    Whether or not the PvPers join the event or not shouldn't influence the possibility of opening up some PvP events again, be it some small events or a big one. It's simply a fact that atm there is hardly any motivation for players to focus on the PvP aspects of this game as there is no stimulation from the game to do so.

    You keep referring to past experiences which are indeed long gone and won't com back, the good and the bad parts of it.
    There are people playing atm who weren't playing back then, who might or might not be interested in PvP.

    This game used to be, and is still supposed to be both a PvM and a PvP game, since both aspects have gear built for it and events for it. There is tons of PvM content atm, and total lack of PvP. All we're asking is that the PvP aspects will get a boost as well as the PvM.
    Tons of new PvM maps to be seen, yet 0 PvP fun to be seen.
    The only current PvP content is Combat Zone, which like many other things you pointed out, is old-fashioned and simply not serving its purpose anymore.

    It's time to get a new PvP attraction so that more people will see their flames ignited again. Besides the fun of it, it would attract more players and people will be pursuaded again that it's worth investing in PvP items, which will stimulate Item Shop usage.

    There are hardly any reasons on why NOT to hold some PvP events. All it takes is an active team member to start it and finish it. Maybe a few twitches here and there, and if that's too much work for the team, I'm pretty sure some players would love to help out on that. Whether or not people join in the first events is hardly proof that it will or won't work out. Give people time to adjust to the idea that PvP will be more active again, and it will happen indeed.
    Hek, i'm sure people would line up to be part of an event team to organise such PvP events.

    In any case, don't shove it down on past experiences, they give absolutely 0 insight in what the future holds, as the game has changed, and so have the players. Don't generalise and put all current players in a corner in which they shouldn't be.

  • We dont Comunaty to do PvP .... Let's do just like so, Every 2 days at 20:00 server time we all meet at DT and kil leach other, and then we make screenshot's for insulting etc etc.. always the same since 2007 :beer: Play PvM and be happy that this game still exist :beer:

  • to all if you dont understand ppl love pvm and pvp you cant leave 1 grop of ppl out side on events its like they say ohh metin stone is boring so we take a way the stone then ppl live the game ppl want metin2 to be bigg and 1000 login to servers ..and if you see all games succeed have pvp look att twitch top games and -content removed- ..pvp you meet ppl and talk and gear and grop upp like pvm when you tak a boss ..i love the game and want it to be super bigg ..happy day

  • Before having Kingdom wars, we have some pvp systems to use, guild wars, pvp map.. The other servers use the Demon Tower enter to do pvp.
    So i don't understand why this server don't use that.
    I think that we can begin with that, then maybe GF open his eyes cause we always use the pvp sets and systems.
    Just think about that first.

  • And funny things is that always Chunjo players are talking about that.. We have fight time to time Jinno vs Shinsoo.. And Chunjo never joined in war.. i think its more because in Chunjo are 6 ppl alive :)