Apprentice Chests Universalis

  • Dear players/board admins,

    I have some questions concerning the apprentice chests.

    According to your post on the 4th of December, the Apprentice Chests are available again and all you have to do is check the ingame-mail-system.

    I checked mine 2 days ago, but it is empty.

    Now my first question is: is this a bug?
    If it is, can someone help me?

    My second question is: If it isn't a bug, did I miss the time window?

    And if this is the case, I'm gonna have to be angry because of the following reasons:

    1. I am not checking the forum on a daily basis and the game doesn't tell me to.
    2. It wasn't even an extra thread. I finally read about the problem in the "server merges"-thread after 20 mins of searching PLUS I had to scroll all the way down to read the statement Cyrobunny gave.
    3. The apprentice chests got removed because Gameforge made a mistake while the server merges took place. This is absolutely fine, mistakes can happen. But why would you make a limited time window less than 1 month to give players the opportunity to get the chests back?

    Thanks in advance,

  • As I mentioned I don't check the forum on the daily basis.

    So why would I watch out for something I don't even know about having to watch out?

    And there still remains the question why you would make a limited time window less than 1 month to give players the opportunity to get the chests back?

  • I saw the GM symbol now that you mention it.

    But I thought it'd be a new feature to pm a GM if you're having questions about the game.

    I didn't think "well, lemme check my whole inventory, maybe my apprentice chest is missing and that's the way to get it back" as I am not using apprentice chests on a daily basis aswell. It only happens every 10 lvl and this can take a while

  • And there still remains the fact that you didn't had to check forum, the GM mail icon is quite visible in game

    Why wouldd you ignore GM mail icon regardless of checking forum or not

    And the answer to your question is simple, if the box is returned on depot, storekeeper, item shop storekeeper the chest can be used on other account characters that shouldn't have the chest, therefore the only way to deliver the chest to the character that is entitled to the chest is through mail system, and all mails in mail system have an expiration date and can't be done without it

    Other advantage to the mail system is, players get a orange icon that is impossible to miss and don't need to go on forum

  • Turns out I learned something new about the game after all this years.

    Well at least I just realized how stupid I am for paying money on a pay-to-win-game.

    Thanks for the quick reply Mister Skil and don't take it personal.



  • Hello,

    I work as IT engineer and honestly I don't understand how is possible, in a big team as Gameforge, to make updates and server-merge and players to lose items. I create applications, administrate databases, merge databases and never happened to screw up like that(and is not the first time, at last server-merge was the same, lost all items from StoreKeeper and I had to spend DR to extend it in order to recover them).

    If I can't log in for a year that mean I can loose a lot of items, which is not right. Looking forward, from my point of view, this kind of situation is a lack of respect from Gameforge, especially for player who invest money via ItemShop, but not only.

    After an update or server-merge a player should not be affected. It must not do "something" to recover "something". An update mean that everything is made automatically.

    Kind regards,

  • No items were lost at any point

    The merge items were on the second page of storekeeper and for over 6 months we have offered the extension for free

    The chests were not lost, the chest were removed because people abused the merge to get chests where chests don't belong

    get your tory straight or refrain from posting when you are clearly not informed

  • Hello,

    According to you answer on support ticket, I had 7 days free storekeeper and "I left those 7 days to run out and didn't take anything out". So where are the 6 months?

    I apologize if I offended someone, but I keep my opinion.

    Kind regards!


  • For 6 months, we gave 7 days free storekeeper extension to everyone that requested it, you let yours run out, for whatever reason

    Keep your opinion all you want, just don't claim items were lost, neiher the items from the merge were lost, neither the apprentice chest were lost during the second merge

    Feel free to not agree with the process, but DO NOT make false claims, it's as simple as that

  • Hello again,

    Dear skilgannon, I understand your point of view and please don't take it personally. Yes, I'm not agree with the process and my point was to describe these NOK parts of process, in order to improve it in the future. We all love this game and want to have better in-game experience.

    I apologize once again if I offended someone. :D

    Kind regards,

  • so I finally found out why the chests disappeared...I don't believe I'm gonna get any of them back...guy above wasn't checking the forum and I guess I didn't understand at that time why I got a chest in the mail (I also don't even remember collecting them from the mail but I guess I did)...I only have them on my main 2 characters...
    not playing the game a whole lot due to other hobbys but it would've been nice not wasting levels on characters without the chests

    stupid to ask for any help, other than "create another character", right?

  • Well then what will happen to player who haven't played even once for a year and want to come back with 69 Lv char? Those chests are helpful to improve characters. I'm guessing, admins or developers should see who couldn't take those chests in time from mailbox and with support system players must get that chest.