I want to be a Ninja to be a archer.

  • Have you already created the account? Downloaded the game? And created your ninja?
    Let's play, ask us. Your server?

  • Yeah.
    I'm Already Play the game in Sol server.
    And lv is 25. but job is Lycan.
    So i want to play Long Distance Character.
    Some one tell me plz about that.

  • Your status should be based on dexterity and strenght, specialy dexterity.So, on every level you can use 3 status point-2 goes to dexterity 1 to strength. When you make dex 90 points without items, you should start up vitality- 1 point for vita 1 point for strength etc.
    About the skils- make Poison arrow 1st and 2nd Fire arrow. For 3rd skill I prefer Spark, because it's amazing skill and will help you alot when you lvling.When you moove up you will decide by your self which skill to be your next. Don`t forget that, your skills should go on M1 on 17 points to avoid loosing skill points.
    You can use wiki for any other information include this one.
    Good luck.