Little parts of my soul and work I guess?

  • Heya guys, I found an old photo of a graphics-drawing made by me in my computer so I thought to share it with ya, considering threads in art section weren't created since long time ago ._.
    I hope we'll make it alive again, I'm sure a lot of players are talented in atleast one type of arts ^^

    I'll probably post more if you like this (and if I find the rest of them) :D the quality of the photo might look bad cause I had to resize it (we can attach a file of max 1 MB size)

  • Oh my god , this look amazing. :D
    Keep th egood work , i would like to see more of your jobs , it really inspire me to start drawing again :D

  • Thank you guys, nowadays I'm having some trouble trying to draw again because of N reasons that don't matter anyway cause here it's not the place to discuss about em... buuut I've found some recent drawings from last summer :D

    I'm at work now, but when i arrive home i'll make some photos and post em here. Ty for feedback, i still hope there are more people here to share their passions with us ^^

    Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train...

  • WoW , Bro you have some insane skills :D. I see you use paintbrush i think you are in a diffrent level .I prefare to use pen because is easy to erase your mistakes :D

    If i find any intresting i may uplode some pieces of my work too.