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  • Greetings,

    In order to keep our forum service up to standard and respectable for players of all ages, we need a well trained Moderator Team to essentially moderate the forum. If you think that you are smart, can use common sense, have free time and want to help maintain order on our forum, please read further!

    As a Moderator you will be responsible for maintaining order on the board. You will warn users who go against the forum rules, move threads to their destined sections or even close/edit threads if needed.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • At least 16 years of age since legal documents need to be signed
    • Have good knowledge of the Board Rules and T&C. (knowledge of In-Game Rules is an added bonus)
    • Knows about Gameforge.
    • Being familiar with the Metin 2 game.
    • Being able to use IRC chats (most of our communication is done through IRC).
    • Highly important that you are fluent in both understanding and written English.
    • Being able to communicate with people of different ages.
    • Previous experience as a Moderator on a forum is an advantage, but not required. We would be honored to have anyone choose our Team to start their Moderator experience.
    • Most important, having free time to volunteer towards the community in the form of moderating.

    We offer:

    • A challenging but friendly environment.
    • The opportunity to help make a difference in an ever changing community of players.
    • Learn and expand your knowledge in moderating communities/boards.

    How to apply?

    • Go to
    • In the Contact Support tab, choose for Board.
    • In the Subject of your ticket, please write "Application for Board Mod"

      Your application must consist of the following:

      • Full legal name
      • Board nickname
      • All In-Game character names
      • Previous moderator experience. (remember that we also welcome people with no experience in modding ;) )
      • Tell us in 150 words:

        • Why you applied
        • How you can benefit our community

    Applications that don't adhere to this guideline will - NOT - be taken into account. Remember that first impressions goes a long way ;)

    With moderated regards,

    Your Metin 2 UK Board Team

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